Saint Pius V

1504 - 1572

Saint Pius V

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 8, 1996 at 1:23 pm


“Mankind says, ‘I will pray for you,’ so We wait for the prayers, because prayer is a communication between mankind and All The Saints. Oftentimes this statement is not carried out, so in Our Love for the individual who needs the prayer, who needs the help, We offer assistance in ways applicable to the situation.

Prayer is communication. Prayer is an act of belief. In Sainthood, prayer is in many ways a communication, one-sided, because the individual praying does not hear Our answering, but Faith must tell you that when you pray, you are always heard.

The world at this time lacks humility, understanding, and sound Faith in The Father. The one thing that will bring Faith back to its strength, that is needed for all of mankind, is man’s understanding of The Commandments of The Father in Their detail, not in Their concise manner in which They are being delivered and have been for so long a time.

I smile through this little one, because it is not just her Faith that responds to Me, it is a Gift of Divine Love that The Father has given to all of mankind at ‘this time’ and it is called ‘Communication through one voice’, helping mankind to better understand what a Precious Gift of Divine Love human life is. Why? Because human life is closely connected to Divine Love through the Soul that is instilled at the moment of conception.

At the moment a birth is accomplished and life shows to all around, each individual there stands in awe of what they are seeing, even when they are experienced in seeing it often. Human life has a distinct Purpose, and in this Purpose there is a Goal. It is important that mankind understand that human life is designed to be returned in some form identifiable, and of course, that is through the Soul that is from the moment of conception, instilled. If this were not so, human life would not have the knowledge of justice over injustice, right over wrong, truth over untruth, love over hate; intellect, not just senses.

I could go on and on, but the Soul makes the difference in human life, because through the Soul, The Father has allowed intellect into the individual that is different than any other living thing, and through the intellect there is the ability of understanding, of courage, of hope, of speech, of communication beyond all other living things. All these things add up to the Fact that there is an Infinite Part in each human life that is unseen, and yet logically, understandably present.

The world has been Blessed by This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, because This Miracle is a Divine Gift of Instruction, continuously alerting mankind to the Importance of human life, and the Destiny for which it was created: to be returned to The Father in a State called ‘Sainthood’.

We hear mankind say, ‘Love is blind.’ When love is pure, sound, reasonable fact, it cannot be blind, because there can be no darkness where there is so much light throughout, and pure love.

The world must hear of This Miracle of Divine Love and read All that has been delivered, because it is a Personal Gift to all of mankind, giving strength to how each day must be lived, and the Goal for which life was created, and the Love that is placed within each life that is beyond human love. So be it.”