God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 19, 1997 at 12:08 pm


“I am God The Father. I have created all there is. Mankind wonders about the past, how things began, the forms that were first made; how things escalated to what they are now, with mankind having more understanding, more ability to see justice according to My Commandments.

In the beginning of Creations, there was unwritten rule, law, that mankind instinctively drew up verbally, and then as mankind increased in what mankind calls ‘civilization’, the laws were more adaptable because it was important in many ways for mankind to understand that he or she was not animal, but different. These Lessons, these Instructions, this Knowledge was delivered and instructed in a manner that mankind could grow in, conform to, and understand, because of the Importance of this life that began so simple, for a Great Goal.

We hear some men and women ignore the importance of how mankind had to begin, because they, in their thinking, cannot see the justice in creating life, forming it from the beginning, so that later in time mankind would be more intellectual, more sensitive, more understanding, and see values in morals.

What mankind does not understand is that each growth of human life had a Purpose, a Design. It’s like a child in the womb. There are two seeds, and these seeds develop according to the mentality, the circumstances, and the advantages of the time in which it was conceived.

Today as I speak through a small voice, an obedient voice that bears a contract with Me, of obedience, of justice, of concern for fellow human beings, I speak for all of mankind to fully understand what a Treasure human life is, because it is the only thing I have created that has within it a Portion of Me. This Gift of My Divine Love made this Creation of Mine to the Image and Likeness of Me, not in All the Ways I Am, but I designed mankind for a Specific Reason, a Special Purpose.

I designed a tree because the tree was going to be necessary for many reasons. I designed a flower, and this flower, or many of such designs, have reason, have purpose, not always understandable to human beings. Mankind must understand that through the intellect I have given mankind understanding that there is more in human life to learn about, and to see as being exceptional.

There is a Heaven, there is a Purgatory, and the enemy, in imitation of Me, designed a place of ugliness, of hate, a place of horror, because mankind being what he or she is, is surrounded by much jealousy, hate, from the evil that mankind does not see, but oftentimes acts in accordance with through weaknesses.

The world must hear of This Gift I have given, This Gift of My Love that supersedes all human love. Mankind, in conscience, must understand that as I created all humans, all things have a purpose, and that man has a Specific Purpose, because within man there is a Portion of Me.

I could dictate Volumes at one time, but I have stretched so much Information over several years through This Miracle of My Divine Love, giving to mankind piecemeal, the Importance of human life, because if I had thrust at mankind all the Reasons I created mankind for, the human mind, faculties, abilities, understanding, would not have adapted to this thrust of Knowledge, Information.

My Love supersedes all love. I speak through a small voice. I speak through a very weak child physically. Obedience to My Will is for all of mankind, because mankind must understand that there is a Heaven, there is a Purgatory, and satan is the enemy of all.

And do not forget one thing: When you are sad whisper My Name, when you are concerned whisper My Name, when you are in a troubled way whisper My Name, and never forget, I am constantly Present within you in a Form you cannot see, in a Way you cannot feel, but My Love for human life is Special, because within you there is a Portion of Me. So be it.”