Saint Alphonsus Liguori

1696 - 1787

Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 4, 1997 at 1:50 pm


“I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori.

There is a critical time throughout the world regarding men and women who are ignoring This Gift of Divine Love that The Father has so generously given, not just to inspire mankind, but to alert and instruct mankind on the Importance of human life.

It is sad when We hear rejection of All We are delivering through a small voice, an obedient voice, because of mankind’s jealousy, confusion, and so much erratic behavior on moral values and moral standards. This Miracle was necessary, and given in a manner where all could be instructed, all could read It for themselves, and feel security that The Father is this close to every living human being.

We hear so many say, ‘I do not believe that God would speak through a human.’ All The Saints say, ‘He has down through time worked like this.’ Let us take one man in particular that existed a long time ago. His Name was ‘Moses’. This man was called many things, and in many ways abused by those who loved him, and when he was punished, rejected, cast aside, The Father used his abilities in the way The Father had Decreed he would one day be: a Messenger for the Souls for all of mankind, at that time and for all time to come.

One voice is all The Father needs, but The Father knows that the voice does not remain, so the written Word is necessary, and that is how He designed This Gift of His Divine Love, not for mankind to remember a voice, but to be able to read the Words for all time, so that the Meaning will not be lost, the Love will not be forgotten, and the Direction immediately available.

Mankind at this time argues over This Gift of Divine Love. Many cast much jealousy in their words, and I use the word ‘cast’ in the meaning that their arrogance, their ignorance, their jealousies, are written so that others will read their opinions.

The little one through whom We All speak, speaks Our Words, not hers, and is obedient at the moment of Our Entrance, because she has been trained by The Father to listen at all times. Our Voices are not heard, Our Presence is felt. Our Words pass through her intellect, and she speaks What They say immediately. They are not always written. Many times They are only heard.

Mankind has been Blessed, but mankind is ignoring the Blessing. Mankind wants to see a Miracle. Mankind is able to read The Miracle once Our Words are written. The world must receive These Words that started a long time ago, and are yet passing through a small voice, a small figure, because These Words will one day All go down in History.

Mankind must understand The Father has never left mankind alone, and this time He has used extra caution, because He gives the Words in script Word by Word, so that mankind will not be able to not understand the full Meaning, the full Concept, the full Direction, His Motive.

Also, We hear some say, ‘God would not speak this way.’ God does, and He is giving It through a Miracle of Divine Love bearing the Name of a Special One Who was More than human, but the Name ‘Saint Joseph’ must ring out throughout the world for mankind to know Who He Really Was, and Who He Truly Is, as The Holy Spirit of The Father.

No argument can justify otherwise, for no human being has the wisdom, the knowledge, the power, to know the Importance of This Great Miracle that has been given to the whole world at ‘this time’. So be it.”