Saint Agnes

c. 291 - c. 304

Saint Agnes

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 29, 1997 at 1:02 pm


“I am Saint Agnes. It is happiness for All of Us to see so much dedication, coordinated with so much love for This Gift of The Father’s for all of mankind.

Children of all ages, and I mean the very, very, very young, should learn what a Gift The Father is giving at ‘this time’ for all of mankind to better understand the Importance of human life, and there is no age not included in His Love. Children are not being instructed on how close The Father is to them. There is little description regarding the Soul that is instilled at the moment of conception.

When a little one is lonely, he or she should be told that they are not alone, there is always a Portion of God within them to keep them company. They perhaps will ask questions, but I assure you their innocence will be receptive of this important Fact, and it will remain with them their whole life.

Loneliness many times gives to an individual despair, hurt, mentally, even physically, but if all of human life could understand they are never alone, because they have a Soul within them that is available to help them endure whatever hurt they are feeling, fear they are feeling, and the Soul does respond, maybe in a form of distraction, maybe in a form of helping them to remember a happier time, a more enjoyable incident in their life.

The Father has given to mankind This Miracle of His Divine Love, helping all ages to be aware they are never alone. He is always present in a Form, in a Means, in a Way, that just knowing He is there gives strength, courage.

These Words must be passed in many places, because there are so many areas where human life feels there is no hope, no love, all despair, and this includes all ages of mankind.

You have a responsibility to see that This Gift of Divine Love goes to places no one else cares about, because there are many in destitute areas that need This Miracle to help them restore their Faith in God and feel they are not alone, but have Something, Someone to listen to them, to help them.

Remember what I have spoken. Do not put These Words in a drawer and forget Them. So be it.”