Saint John
of The Cross

1542 - 1591

Saint John of The Cross

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 9, 1998 at 2:04 pm


“I am Saint John of The Cross.

The History of mankind has not been fully described in the many eras in which mankind walked with different beliefs, different ideals. Some of them have been written about, but not in the full context of all the facets that mankind used or learned about, or practiced in daily life.

We hear individuals say how interested they are in the History of mankind. Sometimes they research in books, portions of what they feel will give to their thinking some knowledge on the practices that others before them used, developed, or made as a way of life, according to the era of time in which they lived.

Mankind, in thinking of Christianity, learns through others’ writings the approximate dates in which there were major occurrences, changes. For instance, let us go back, in man’s terms, ‘two thousand years ago’. The History of this time, up to this time, has many vacant spaces. Much of it was described by memory, not all was put into script. Man’s memory is a magnificent Gift, because through living in different ways, man can remember occurrences that stood out: some happy, some unhappy, some of major importance to the lives of millions of people.

From the beginning of the Creation of mankind, there has been a multitude of changes in the mentalities, in the abilities, in the practices of human beings. Man stresses progress, how important it is, how interesting it is. These statements are true, but there is one portion of progress that mankind does not always take into account, and that is the Importance of That Portion of human life that belongs to The Father, The Creator. It is a rare subject of conversation, of understanding, of true belief, because being unseen, man has learned Its Presence through writings, through speeches; so, consequently, it is up to the individual to accept, reject, or deny that human life is accompanied constantly by a Living Portion of The Creator, called in a simple way, ‘the Soul’.

In discussing this subject with very learned men and women, it tends to become a short discussion, because the Soul is not a visible Portion of human life, and true belief in It is in the individual’s innate love and understanding and belief that the Justice of The Creator of All Things would be present, and never leave mankind, in whom He endowed so much logic, so many abilities, and such a strong understanding of morality over immorality in many areas of human life.

It is sad when there is so little instruction on the importance of how human life exists, and what a Valuable Companion it has from the moment of its conception. There are so many degrees of intellects in different subjects that mankind is involved in every day, in many ways, but so few of these are bent on individuals more fully understanding that human life is graced with the privilege of knowing right over wrong, purity over impurity, that little is spoken about.

There are so many subjects that have little worth, that mankind goes into great detail on believing, and urging others to believe in. So much has been given in script through one small voice, mainly to alert mankind of the Importance of What each human being is the custodian of, and that no human being is without this responsibility, but besides It being a responsibility, It is the Greatest Gift of Divine Love that mankind can be the custodian of. In a simple way, a simple word, mankind should mention this word many times:

My ‘Soul’ yearns one day to be returned to The Father. Please, God, allow me to have the strength to do this as You Will it to be done. So be it.”