Saint Stanislaus

1030 - 1079

Saint Stanislaus

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 2, 1998 at 1:27 pm


“I am Saint Stanislaus.

It is important that Every Word spoken through This Gift of The Father’s Love, This Miracle that bears the Name of The Holy Spirit of The Creator, be deliberately passed to areas that you would not choose because of a personal opinion regarding the area, but you must remember that each human life is the bearer of a Soul, a Portion of The Creator, that This Gift of Divine Love was deliberately designed to reach, instruct, and permit the individual or individuals to learn that they have a Soul that is a Portion of The Creator, and is to be returned to The Creator at a given time.

There are so many Biblical interpretations by men and women throughout the world who feel that they have the knowledge, the ability, the understanding, and the Spiritual obligation to instruct in the form and the matter and the manner of enlightening others on the value of life, and that their words must penetrate the individual’s conscience and understanding, so that the individual will reap the benefits of the goodness that the Soul is the recipient of. Their works, their mannerisms, their practices, are many times not guided by Supernatural Power, but their intentions are in many ways a feeling of fully understanding of The Divine.

The world at this time is in great need of great teachings, but all who teach are not qualified. When you say to a child, ‘God bless you,’ the simplicity of your words are heard and it remains in the child’s intellect forever, as long as that child knows that your words are an act of love on his or her behalf.

As men, women and children walked the earth at the Time of The Son of God, so much dependence was shown when The One Who taught gave strength, hope, energy, and a fuller understanding of the meaning of human life. At ‘this time’, so much has been delivered by so Many Saints, to help in many ways, all ages to understand that human life has a Bond between The Creator that nothing else has. That Bond is a Soul.

Thousands, and even into the millions, number of Words have been spoken through This Gift of The Father’s Love, Some formally, Some informally, Some in script, Others just verbally, but it is time for mankind to awaken to the importance of morality as a consistent, constant association with every thought, every word, every deed, every action, every intention, every communication that mankind is capable of doing. So be it.”