Saint Athanasius

c. 296 - 373

Saint Athanasius

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 18, 1998 at 1:02 pm


“I am Saint Athanasius.

Throughout the world it is difficult for mankind to understand and/or even believe in how many heresies mankind is involved, is the perpetrator of. Heresy, to mankind, is a subject they read about, they’ve heard about, but most do not anticipate that they can be a part, a participant of a great heresy.

Today as I speak in a manner, a way, in terminology understandable, it is important that mankind throughout the world begin to recognize the presence of so many heretical inducements, practices, that they are requested to partake in, usually under the guise of a Spiritual note, idea, or misinformed statistics or subject matter.

Innocence plays a great part in mankind’s life. By this type of innocence, I mean a lack of interpretation on subject matter that poses, or is exposed to introducing some act, some informative information that, in essence, pleases the enemy of God and man.

Mankind many times ignores something that he or she senses to be not morally sound, thus the Soul becomes ‘the victim’ of what is practiced, what is accepted, what can easily be passed off as being not harmful to any portion of one’s body.

Heresy is prevalent throughout the world. There are many religious vows taken, because an individual feels that this manner of vocation is what is more important to them than choosing a manner of life that is practical monetarily.

As I speak today, I speak with a deep Love for human life, because human life, in all its responsibilities, has the Greatest Goal to reach than any other living matter or thing.

As mankind approaches a time in which so many men, women and children use the Birth of a Child from a long time ago as an Important Event, and the Celebration oftentimes becomes more humanistic in content, in practice, because mankind bends to what is practical and what others use this time for, thus oftentimes ignoring the Sacredness of what This Event gave to the world.

As I leave you, I want you to remember: To be born a human being is a privilege beyond what mankind understands a privilege to mean; the human mind, intellect, understanding, mental abilities, physical abilities are all present every day.

So do not forget, one day a year should not be the only day that mankind should celebrate the Birth of The Son of God. This gratitude, this thanksgiving should be a daily occurrence, and remembered because of the Greatness that This Event means to every living human being. So be it.”