Saint Peter

c. 1 AD - c. 64 AD

Saint Peter

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 12, 1999 at 1:50 pm


“I am Saint Peter. As a Saint I must describe what a privilege it is to have this Title. As mankind knows, a title gives to one’s name special notice, purpose, reasoning.

Today, as each other day in This Gift of The Father’s Love, is a ‘time of importance’, because of the Content, the Subject Matter that is to be put into script for millions of men, women and children to read and to learn from, because of the Importance of his or her Soul that each individual is responsible for.

At this time throughout the world there are so many diabolical practices, indifferences to what is morally sound, morally correct, morally in keeping with The Commandments delivered for the benefit of mankind to be assured, to understand what human life was responsible for, because of the Soul that each human being is the custodian of at the moment of conception of human life.

At this time, in this year of your time, there is so little spoken about what a Great Gift a human life is, and the benefits for which it is created. In so many ways mankind takes human life in a casual, indifferent attitude, responsibility, ignoring that each portion of human life has a distinct purpose and goal.

Children are not being taught, instructed on the Importance of being human, having a Soul, and having the Goal for which he or she was created: to return to The Father in a Specific Way, Specific Form, as a Saint in Heaven. So much has been instructed through This Special Gift by so Many Saints, and of course, by The Beloved Father, The Heavenly Mother, and The Holy Saint Joseph.

Today as I speak, I know that My Words will not travel as quickly as I would like Them to, because of the different ways that My Words will have to be transcribed, and some ways translated, and then put into a manner for others to be able to read.

Time is important in Every Part of This Gift of The Father’s Love, because it is important that millions of human beings, all races, all colors, all creeds, all ages, not have to wait to be able to read What so Many from Here in the Heavens have spoken, helping individuals to better understand the closeness each human life has to the Beyond, Where All Saints are actively working to help those who are yet in the human way to use every act, word, deed, intention, utilizing this time on earth to ready themselves to return to The Father, a Saint.

It is sad when individuals cannot fathom becoming ‘a Saint’, even though this word is used in a serious way, and many times in just a manner of speaking, referring to someone who is especially active in helping others.

Today as I speak, there are millions of Words I would love to say, but These Words would be too many for mankind at one reading to absorb the Importance of what Heaven is all about, and the Importance of human life in its Association, its closeness to The Creator, through a Soul, a Spirit of The Father’s Love, that no other living matter or thing is the custodian of.

Delays must cease, and All that has been passed through This Gift must be delivered to the corners of the world, because one Line, one Subject, one Important Statement could mean so much to an individual that it could change their whole way of life in a moment’s time, helping them to realize, to recognize that human life was created for a Goal, a Purpose, a Place, for one day for them to serve in The Father’s Court, helping others to better understand that human life is and was always different than any other living matter or things, because human life was designed to the Image and Likeness of The Creator.”