Saint Bonaventure

1221 - 1274

Saint Bonaventure

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 23, 1999 at 1:25 pm


“I am Saint Bonaventure.

Too few so-called ‘learned’ men and women are capable of instructing others on sound moral values, sound moral standards, along with the importance of The Commandments of God.

If you were to ask ten people of all ages to repeat The Commandments in full, you would only receive a small degree of what each Commandment contained originally. Why? Because through time the instructors of Spiritual ways, conditions, Commandments, many times decided to use the meaning that they determined would be suitable to the conditions, the people they were talking to, or those who would read the Words and use the Words palatable to them, or to the degree they would be able to understand the wording.

When The Father delivered to Moses His Rules, His Commandments, that He Willed for mankind to follow, He instilled into Moses’ mind, some called it a ‘burning bush’; but in essence, The Father burned into Moses’ mind the full degree for which He wanted each Commandment to be carried out, carried through, because a few words, so-called ‘descriptive words’, would not cover the full content, full meaning of each Commandment.

When Moses came down from the mountain, he was so filled with Divine Grace, Divine Love, Divine Hope, Divine Perception, Divine Guidance, Divine Will, that it was difficult for him to fully understand that the lack of his presence for the period of time he was gone, could have encouraged those who were waiting for him, to become so vile, contemptible, impure, and resist totally the Importance of the Reason for which he was taken into the Presence of The Creator, for such an Important Lesson that was to remain forever, because there would be no time in the History of human life that human beings of all ages would not need to have in their minds, in script, so they could use the script to remember what they could not see indepthly, because The Commandments of The Creator covered every facet of human life.

It is sad to say that at this time there is very little understanding, obedience, of what The Commandments of The Creator meant, or mean to human beings.

Each day, as We instill into the little one through whom We speak, the Important Words that the generations now and to come must learn, regarding the importance of why The Commandments were given, the full measure of each one, and the importance for which They were given, and that is because of the Soul that is in each human life that should never be disgraced, diminished, or made impurely by the one in whom this Soul was placed at the moment of conception.

As Moses was on the hill, in the mountain, the fire stands for the importance of burning into his mind the in-depth meaning of each Commandment. Everyone who questions What I speak should answer My next question: Would you have the love for The Creator, to be as Moses was, obedient to a degree that would be beyond what human life would understand obedience to be? Would you love your fellowman so much that you would want each human being to be obedient to The Creator against all odds, against all temptations, never accepting an impurity of the mind, the body and the Soul?

As I leave you today, it is needless to say there is much more to be spoken on this subject and it will be done, because human beings of all ages are not just remiss in obedience to The Commandments of The Creator, but they ignore The Commandments, and at this time in which This Gift of Divine Love is Important for all human beings to learn about The Commandments of The Creator, else the enemy will gain Souls, and this is not just sad, it is intolerable to even think about, because the Soul, as a Portion of The Creator, is to be returned to Him in a State of Purity, Love and Devotion. So be it.”