Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother
Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 12, 1992


“As I speak through this delicate instrument in the world, a short time before she was to be in your presence the body could not stand up. I am your Heavenly Mother. As she walked through a door I walked with her, for what you experienced was My Strength, not hers. So much Power has passed through this small body, through the intellect and through the voice box, that Many could tell you, physically she is close to collapse.

As We surround her, Each of Us gives some strength, so The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, The Spirit of God, will continue until The Father Decrees there is no more to be said. At the present time there is much more to be said, much more to be given, so as We hold her tightly, I want you to know that the instrument The Father chose is totally obedient to His Will.

During the night, when We speak We tell her to write one Word or several Words, and as she lays the pen down, the paper down, We say, ‘Now sleep.’ But in the morning, What We have said is indelibly marked within her, for it could be the beginning of Words that you will hear or others will hear, but most of It is for writing; Words to be written down, Words to be handed to the whole world, because These Lessons are needed in every corner of the world.

It is true, there is much going on that can mean only one thing: the enemy of The Father, the enemy of man, is running rampant throughout the world, because he is in a frenzy at this time, he is desperately trying to gather Souls to take Them away from The Holy King.

As I speak on this night, the Important Message I want you to understand is the Lesson that was given in the beginning,1 regarding all the things that are within you, all the things you express, all the things that affect others as well as yourself.

I, your Heavenly Mother say, ‘If you see faults in your way, if you see temptation that could be wiped away, please do this, for The Father wants your Soul to be so bright, He wants It to shine as It did at that special time at the moment of conception, when He placed It within someone so the baby that was there would have Part of Him.’

That Soul is so Important. That Soul is what gives mankind the dignity of using and saying all that is right. That Soul is what encourages mankind to be morally sound, for you see, the Soul is constantly encouraging the child to understand the necessity for good over evil, constantly encouraging the child, of all ages, to see the benefits of pure love over hate.

As I bless you through this child, this woman, I bless you with a Mother’s Love, for as many of you know, your human love for others can be so deep, yet so fragile; so giving, and yet so strong. My Love is Strong where you are concerned, and I am forever present.

Every prayer you utter, every prayer you think, every time you say something Our Way, We hear it, for We are constantly attentive because of the Soul that is within you. Do not forget, The Father’s Love created you, and in this creation, there is no Purer Love, because only He could place a Soul within the conception. So be it.”

“I will tell those who will be close to the child, it will be three days before We can release her totally, for the body cannot endure the quick release of the Power that must be used to speak Our Words.”


“No more Beautiful Words could be handed than the Words of The Heavenly Mother. We All stand in the Heavens and watch Her Love give Comfort, Aid, Concern, and Direction.

Yes, I am known by Two Names, the One so many men love because it is a Name they can relate to, and that is ‘Saint Joseph’, but I Am, in spite of what some men think or want to think, ‘I Am The Third Person of The Holy Trinity’.

This child was handed This Message a long time ago. She passed the tests when men tried to force her to reject This Statement regarding Me. She has been blessed abundantly by it, because you see, it takes deep Faith, strong will, to deny man what he wants to force her and everyone else to think.

Remember your will and the important part it plays in everything you do, everything you say, and in the example of what you express to others every day. So be it.”

1 Refers to a Teaching given prior to this Revelation at a meeting of The Society Of The Little Way.