“The Constitution”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 27, 1977


“The Society Of Saint John Vianney is organized to unite men of a common interest. This interest is to establish and support a service to all men who desire to fulfill the Will of God through the obligations of the vocation of the Priesthood in the orthodox Christian doctrinal manner in which God intended it to be.

In this form of service, in the action it will have to be, through the activities necessary to perpetuate it, all phases and facets of human life will be taken into consideration, and sound moral values will be the foundation to assist, to accompany, and to accomplish, the stability in fostering men of all ages in the vocation of the Priesthood.

Through this selfless endeavor, we hope to accomplish to instill in all men the necessity of purity in the service to God, and with thanksgiving to Him for the privilege of the Goal of life, ‘to become a Saint’.”

JUNE 27, 1977