Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 28, 1977


“Men, for many years, look at what is written, and very often take only the parts of it understandable to them. Man loves to read of mysteries. Man loves to be a part of a mysterious plan.

Man is a part of the Greatest Mystery in the world — the Power of Divine Love, given to the world in the form of a Man; the Power of Light, the Power of Hope, through a Man that was known as a Just Man, Silent yet Strong, Humble yet Firm; not a Man Who stood out in the public eye, but a Man Who has remained upon the earth in the public eye for two thousand years. Does this not say there was more to this Man than being a mere man? He is the Justice of God, the Mercy of God, the Love of God, the Hope of God; He is the Creativity of God, He is The Third Person of God, known to the world as ‘The Holy Spirit, The Holy Ghost’. Men knew Him as a Just, Holy Man, not just a Holy Man. Time and Revelation has given us The Great Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph.

Men in the Church, feeling perhaps what they could not fully understand, but with a sincere concern for how He stood, His position in the world, named Him the ‘Protector of Holy Mother Church’. Perhaps these same men did not fully realize at the time they had made the announcement that He was ‘The Holy Ghost’. As The Beloved Joseph, the Part of God that was to conceive The Son, came to the world as The One Who truly established Holy Mother Church, The Heavenly Mother, The Queen of Heaven, the Beauty, the Love, the Creativity of God, gave birth to The Son. She, as The Tabernacle of Life, Light, Hope, extended to all of mankind Purity, the Purity of God that was to remain in the teaching of Holy Mother Church. As The Son came forth, He instituted Holy Mother Church. Saint Joseph established it, Our Blessed Mother gave birth to it, Our Lord instituted it. Now satan tries to destroy it, envious in every way, for if man will but look into the fact, satan was the only one that would have known Who The Holy Ghost was, besides The Heavenly Beings.

When This Great Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph was announced to the world, he (satan) began to work quickly, and that is why and how Pentecostalism gained such ground. The evil one knew that through This Great Miracle the Truth would become known, and he, through his hate, jealousy, evil, tried to infiltrate and penetrate every avenue of human life to make men feel they have The Holy Spirit working within them, solving problems, speaking tongues, healing. A wholesale banner of untruths are flying in every way, shouting power, control, gifts. The time has come for men to see the reality of things, the Purpose of God’s Will, and the Hope that God is sending through the Revealing of the Great Truth, that The Beloved Saint Joseph, in reality, Is The Third Person of The Holy Trinity. So be it.”