“Loving God”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 5, 1979


“Let each of us ask ourselves a very important question: ‘How much do I truly love God?’

Each of us would answer this question, relating to our own habits, background, environment, needs, hopes, desires and Faith. Some of us would preempt Faith and place all the emphasis on habit and environment. In truth, these two things, plus background, have a tremendous effect on our love for God.

As we read stories about men who, we are told, performed great acts of love in God’s Name, we sometimes find that the stories surrounding these men take on great meaning in our own lives; not so much that we imitate these men, but the awareness of these men, at different times, triggers nostalgia and an abundance of respect; also, a strength in our Faith. We seldom recognize the sound logic in that God has allowed these stories to travel forward in time to us, to give us example, to fulfill certain needs in our lives, and to show us the human role can be in service to Him in so many ways, through so many vocations, in so many degrees.

Loving God is the most simple way to live that any man can choose. Serving God takes far less effort than serving man. There is no bondage in loving God, nor in service to Him, because we are using our free will, our Line of Decision, knowing that every thought, word, deed and action, in His Name, is in Faith in Him because we love Him.

Service to man has a price, and very often service demands and even bears a bondage of relationship, possessiveness and human values. Are we not foolish when we ignore God and accept only human bondage? Think about this.

Loving God bears the responsibility to be good example in every thought, word, deed and action of our human life. Remember, everyone has morals, values, standards, and a will. Make sure that sound logic is the foundation, motivation and result of yours. This is a major portion of the purity that will cause you to become a Saint.

Obedience to the Ten Commandments is your insurance and assurance that you are on the right path to Him. Obedience to the Ten Commandments constantly, consistently, assures God that we are dependent upon Him, because these are His Commands, His Demands, His Rules, and our obedience says we do not want to fail Him.”