“You - Your Soul - Your Will”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 16, 1979


“Stop thinking that your Soul is a Thing totally unrelated to your feelings, your Faith, your physical life. It is totally related.

When we express one thought in the direction of God, through our human mind, our Soul immediately reacts to the slightest impulse in any direction we take toward God.

Our Soul is not a dormant Part of our being.  Our Soul is a Full, True Spirit, connected to God through a means and a manner totally of His Will, His Making and His Love.

We speak of our Soul; our Faith tells us we have a Soul.  It is innate in man to know there is more to man than the physical role.  Because it is innate in man, the First Commandment was given by God to Moses, to alert man, awaken man to the fact that the awareness of a God would be natural to man; and logic says that the human mind would not, in itself, be able to make such a comprehension, for man is a physical being, practical, fearful, weak, vulnerable, and physically corruptible.

The mere fact that God announced in the First Commandment His Existence as the One True God, and that men should not attach themselves in any way to a false god, gives credence to the fact that the Soul has to be a logical Entity of the physical human body, and that man would feel, would desire to be in touch with a Supreme Being.  Our Soul’s destiny is the victim of our human actions, beliefs, determinations, Faith, desires, motivations, decisions.  Our Soul is the Spirit of Life, Light, Wisdom, Love, and is the Total Communication of and for our physical in the human way, to a Supreme Being, God.

Our Soul is a funnel of Life, a funnel of Light, a funnel of Action, a funnel of Projection, a funnel of Faith.

Our Soul is That Portion of us that encourages us to be good, to pray, to seek out a fuller life in a Spiritual way.  Our Soul is the Stimulator of our Faith in God.  Our Soul is a Portion of Him.  Every action, every thought, every word, every deed, of our human flesh, of our human being, casts a reflection upon our Soul, because our physical life, our will, is the tabernacle that God uses for our Soul to return to Him.

When we kneel before The Blessed Sacrament and we are indifferent to where we are, we are fighting distractions, we are thinking of many other things, we must be assured that our Soul, in the Presence of God, is drawn into a union with Him above and beyond what we are doing at that time.  That is why we so often feel something we cannot describe, and yet take for granted when we leave the church and walk away from the foot of The Tabernacle.  It is the happiness of our Soul, it is the Love that transpired between God and our Soul.  Our Soul does magnify the Lord.

The Ten Commandments were given to us for the benefit of our Soul.  Our Soul is what will return to God when the physical no longer lives.  It is so important that we see our Soul as That Part of us that will return to God in the degree of Glory, in the degree of Light, for the Judgment He will pass upon our Soul, taking into consideration the tabernacle of life (our physical being) in which He placed That Soul.  As Our Heavenly Mother was The Tabernacle of Life to bring forth to the world The Sacrifice of Life, we are the tabernacles of our Soul.

Everything we do reflects upon our Soul.  God wants only purity for our Soul, and that is why He gave to us The Rules to live by.  The enemy of God, the enemy of our Soul tries desperately to use the physical role to disgrace our Soul, to diminish the degree our Soul would be in the service to God for All Eternity.

Our Soul should be more real to us than the food we eat, the rest we must have.  Our Soul should become an obvious thought connected with everything we do, everything we say, everything we give, everything we take, everything connected with our whole life.

Sometimes we have a strong feeling to learn more about God, to go before The Blessed Sacrament and to partake in Holy Communion.  We do not always recognize what it is that is forcing us, drawing us, and almost compelling us to partake in the Physical Presence of God.  It is our Soul, hungry for the communication, for the sight, for the strength It needs at that time.”

“I weep for my body, I lament in my sorrows, I chastise those who, in my opinion, disturb certain facets of my life.  I constantly seek answers to supply me with strength, purpose, and hope.  These things I am, I show to everyone I meet.  These things immediately say I am ‘a people’, I am a ‘human being’.

It would be better if I were to, under all stress, despite all my problems, hold first and above all things, the needs of my Soul.

A prayer to be used each day should be this:

Help me to grow, God, through the human flesh, to be a Saint with You forever because I purely faced every test.

Help me to be example to all other men so they will feel the beauty of my Soul, and in this I will teach them.

Grant me the Grace to always hold first the good of my Soul, in spite of my own distastes.”