“Facing Reality”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 27, 1979


“How do I live each day? What do I give to God each day? Is everyone I have been with a better person at the end of the day, through something I have said, done, or given?

Each day, do I take into consideration what my manners reflect, what my attitude expresses, what my speech says, what my morals are example of?

Each day, do I think of God first?

Each day, do I ask God to bless me so I may walk physically in the way and in the manner that He desires me to walk?

Each day, do I thank God for the day, for the time I was able to use to take care of the human needs, and grow in purity for my Soul?

Each day, do I give those who pay me, an amount of service that is just?

Each day, do I provide for my spouse, for my family, according to God’s Rules that are a must?

Each day, am I concerned over the morals of my family?

Each day, do I reflect to them my love for God, my zeal for my duty to Him, and do I show respect for everyone?

Each day, do I control my emotions?

Each day, do I replace any anger I may feel with humility, or correcting the situation, respecting all facets of it?

Each day, do I project harmony of my mind, body, and my Soul?

Each day, do I offer to help someone?

Each day, do I concentrate on my own self-control?

Each day, do I use self-discipline, even when I’m alone?

Each day, do I pray for Sainthood?

Each day, do I remember that Sainthood is my Goal?”