“Do You Have Sales Resistance?”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 27, 1979


“Salesmanship is part of the American way of life. Many hours are devoted to perfecting the ability to sell other men on products, on insurance against problems, through promoting, instilling, advocating the needs for specific things.

Men buy anything when a top salesman assures them they need it. Man is, many times, intimidated by a good salesman, exploited by a super-salesman, and can find himself totally defenseless against what they call ‘a good sales pitch’.

Salesmanship is based on the vulnerability of man, catering to his likes or dislikes, needs or wants, desires, and his weakness in possessing things.

The devil is a super-salesman; he offers everything that man could desire to have, except Sainthood. The devil uses man’s own weakness against him; his super-salesmanship permeates the world with selling men the idea to live today, tomorrow may never come. Of course, this omits the reality of tomorrow, which should be Eternity with God.

There are many areas to be leery of, concerned with, and to avoid, where salesmanship seems to entice illogical thinking, doing and involvement. No man should allow himself to be caught up in a sales pitch where reason, morals and purity are at stake.

Many times sales promotion is the devil’s workshop: he sells the idea of immorality, impurity, as necessity, as need, as part of life, as human involvement; he easily inspires acceptance to be immoral; he covers indecency with justification; he shows justification in adultery, in omitting God from one’s daily way, and justifies stealing, killing. All things are promoted in a natural vein of events, circumstances, association, vocation, responsibilities.

Many times abortion is motivated and initiated through counseling, friendship, fear, justifying a lack of moral values, and of course, selfish indignation of, ‘Why did it happen to me?’ A good sales pitch by satan himself says: Sell yourself on the justification of abortion.

Salesmanship is promoted through brainwashing and overzealous zest for status, for money, for success, for power. Salesmanship is rarely seen for all the portions of life it touches upon. Many people feel they have sales resistance, and these very same people are constantly victimized by their eagerness to buy a moment of pleasure at any price, even at the expense of their Soul.”