“What Does The Power Of Suggestion Have On You?”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 2, 1980


“Do you react immediately? Do you become impressed with others’ opinions? Do you form your own opinion because of others’ opinions? Do you respond because of others’ suggestions and forget to balance out the right and the wrong in thinking, in your acceptance, in your actions, in your thoughts, in your involvement?

The ‘power of suggestion’ has strength in it, creates actions otherwise not even thought of. Men can be victimized, and brainwashed into accepting, into believing, that a mere suggestion is gospel truth.

What causes men to be vulnerable to the ‘power of suggestion’? Many times men are not even pleased, nor find pure pleasure in what they respond to, through another person’s mouth or example, but they respond out of habit. It is time that people begin to think for themselves, and not become puppets at the power of another man’s suggestion.

What encourages actions for sin? What encourages action to sin? What encourages thoughts of impurities? What encourages actions for impurities? What encourages thoughts that create mental blocks?

What encourages thoughts and actions that stimulate and motivate foolish actions, the suggestion for need, the suggestion for a way of life, a suggestion for how to live, how to raise children, how to be healthy, how to become rich, how to care for another man’s Soul, how to be important, how to be popular?

Too few times is the ‘power of suggestion’ truly God oriented. Ask yourself this question: ‘Do I fall into the trap of others’ opinions, dominance, fears, willfulness, intentions, or do I resist what I see is not good for my mind, body, and my Soul?’