“False Front”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 7, 1980


“Many times a man feels he is adept at bluffing his way through a situation, a condition, or an area in which he has been asked to do something. Bluffing has a tremendous amount of weakness in it. There is no solid foundation for this type of action, or intent.

Bluffing is a weak man’s attempt to look knowledgeable or important, but in reality, it typifies weakness, insecurity, and inability to accept the full responsibility necessary for the correct solution. Bluffing puts instability in relationship and in the capability depended upon.

Men speak of bluffing their way through using a shotgun manner to give others the idea that they are capable. In reality, the shotgun manner and bluffing are the actions of bullies, and bullies walk in a tremendous amount of fear of being treated as they treat others.

Be aware of your true capabilities and abilities, and eliminate any practice of bluffing that makes you have a false security. Bluffing has no strength, hope or reality.”