“Lent - A Time For Action”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 8, 1980


“The world is saturated with horror in the entertainment field, and in stories telling of the behavior amongst people throughout the world.

What has given horror and terror such a prime spot in the public view? It is logical that this emphasis did not just crop up because of people’s imagination, but it was initiated and motivated by a force that is contrary to purity, peace and tranquility. It is also evident that this ugly satanic force is monopolizing many areas of human life through the attention it is gathering to ugliness rather than beauty, to hate rather than sincere love, to confusion rather than orderliness, to destruction rather than construction.

Such an obvious conclusion should make people begin to think that it is time to turn the tables, and see that the Tablets of the Ten Commandments are brought into evidence so that man will begin a campaign to erase the vile, contemptuous atmosphere, and replace it with purity, sound moral values and sound moral standards.”