“Don't Be A Spiritual Ostrich”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 11, 1980


“So many of the men in Holy Mother Church have become lax, not relaxed. It is difficult for anyone to truly be relaxed under the strain of conflicting values, conflicting standards, multiple changes in procedures, and the confusion in the example being displayed.

Granted, all organizations, religious, commercial or social, have ‘in-house’ problems, difficulties, executive differences, and at times, a strained atmosphere due to personality conflicts and personal values and standards. At no time is any organization totally free of not needing ‘overseeing’ to protect the stability, the integrity and the dignity of the organization.

For two thousand years Holy Mother Church has had many ‘in-house’ situations that most certainly needed changing. This is not a criticism, but an honest comment with a purpose to it. Men have a tendency to be lazy, to be passive, or to be ambitious. This is called ‘human nature’. Each of these things, when they come in abundance, can create many ‘in-house’ problems.

In the time of Our Lord, the Apostles were taught Truth, the value of Truth, and with this, they were instructed in how God wanted all children to learn about Christianity, and of course, how He wanted Christianity to be. This involved men belonging to One True Church wherein Christ was the Head of It; It was established by Him, and instituted through Him. At no time since His personal involvement have all men protected this Church in the exact manner He did; but, because this One True Church was founded, established and instituted by God Himself, It is ‘indestructible’.

We have survived two thousand years of many men who have passed through the administrative offices, plus the many times the different men have sat in the Chair of Peter, not all of them acting in Pure Faith, or even through Faith, but some of whom were ambitious themselves, indiscriminate in their personal lives, and needless to say, power hungry because of the importance of this majestic place.

With all this nonsense, indignities, and vile times, Holy Mother Church was and is ‘indestructible’. It most certainly was not the power of man that can be credited for this magnificent contest of endurance. Only the Power of God could have withstood the irrational, indecent, improper, immoral blasphemies emanating from the Holy See and its subsidiaries.

A real Roman Catholic does not fall apart at hearing bad news; but, a real Roman Catholic, upon realizing the difficulties in Holy Mother Church, rises to the situation, and dedicates every ounce of strength to upholding what God intended Holy Mother Church to not just consist of, but to be example of for the good of Souls.

The first step for a real Roman Catholic is to acknowledge facts, truth, and then not fall apart, but evaluate the importance of each action, each step, and become a part of re-establishing what God Himself gave us in the first place.

Real Roman Catholics should bypass and pass by the liars, the thieves, the deceivers, the overambitious, the politicians, and see the reality, the benefit for Souls that God intended His Church to be.

Too few prayers are said, asking for more strength, more hope, less ego, more sincere dignity and integrity to be present in the administering faculties of Holy Mother Church.

Faith in God is innate in man. It is a Gift from God. Faith is based on more than theory, because Faith in God is connected to our Soul, and this unity bears a tremendous strength beyond theory, for Faith in God has relentlessness in spirit. This was most certainly obvious in the first Christians.

We also have it today. It is obvious in our determination to defend God when we fear He is being abused. It is obvious in our persistence in attending Holy Mass, feeling the strain that is there due to the dominance of a new order of theory; plus, the perseverance of the faithful who have been meek under the most distressing circumstances, showing more humility in their Faith than is truly recognized by the so-called administrators of Faith in the institution of Holy Mother Church.

Men many times theorize to suffocate, stifle, and control. Watch out!

Theory can be contradictory to wisdom. Think about this. And theory can be impractical, especially where our personal Faith in God rests. Don’t rely on men’s theory.

When an opera star sings well, the audience calls out, ‘Bravo!’ This is most certainly called for, to all Roman Catholics who have struggled against the atrocities, the blasphemies, the indignities, and the contempt of some men who have dominated, abused, ridiculed and harassed the faithful.

Don’t be an ostrich. Be a true Roman Catholic, fight for God’s Church.”