“Thanks Be To God”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 18, 1980


“To be a human being is a Blessing from God. To be a healthy human being is to be fortunate. To be an intelligent human being is a privilege. To be a Roman Catholic is an honor. To be wise enough to see the Gift of Love God gave to each human being in giving everyone a will, is a treasure to hold, and always in thanksgiving.

The Gift of Faith, to understand, to be able to comprehend the facets of Faith, is more than a Treasure, truly more than a Gift. It is a Special Favor granted by God to encourage life with Him for All Eternity.

It is the Ultimate Gift of Charity from Him, to be aware of having a Soul, for this is our assurance of constant unity with God, through the Spirit of His Light, the Spirit of His Enlightenment, the Spirit of His Hope, the Spirit of His Justice, the Spirit of His Mercy, and the Spiritual Grace that encourages our obedience to His Will.

It is This Part of every human being that is constantly encouraging the human being to enjoy purity, and inwardly rebel against impurity. It is this Spirit of Life, the Soul in every human being, that constantly tugs at the will, helping it to make a decision between right and wrong, good and evil, moral and immoral, pure and impure.

The mind and the body of man, without This Soul, would make man be more animalistic, for it would eliminate the conscience and allow only the instincts to control the manners and the methods of living. It would narrow a life down to a shallow margin of activity, and eliminate motivation, desire or opportunity for reward in achievement.

As the atheist screams, ‘I don’t believe in a God,’ he oftentimes does not choose another atheist as his friend or companion. He usually chooses someone who has Spiritual foundation. How come?

The Soul has so many benefits, for through the Soul man feels the need for sound reasoning, sound values, sound standards. It encourages man to feel the responsibilities of life beyond instinct. The Holy Spirit of God, joined with the Soul of each human being, is man’s security in the hope of Life for All Eternity with God.

The Soul of each human being is far stronger than any man knows, for It is united with The Holy Spirit of God, and this Bond has the Element of God in It. Remember, there is not one moment in the day your Soul does not yearn to be with God in a pure state of being, and to return to Him for All Eternity.”