“Saint Therese Of Lisieux Academy”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 25, 1980



“Saint Therese of Lisieux Academy is dedicated to instructing girls in the total responsibility of being a girl first, and then the beauty and privilege of womanhood. It is dedicated to helping each girl become a living example of the need for purity of her mind, her body, and her Soul.”


“I will remember that I am to be example of gentleness, kindness, humility and purity.

I will remember to show respect to others and their belongings.

I will remember never to gossip, or be unjust in my thoughts, words, or actions.

I will remember to be dignified, sincere, and carry my own responsibility.

I will remember to always hold before me, the fact that God is always present, and is fully aware of every thought, word, and action of mine.

I will remember to never let a day go by that I do not ask Our Heavenly Mother to guide me, to bless me, and to stop me if I act in any way impurely.”