“Evil Is Real”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 5, 1981


“Satan is not a myth, he is not a legend. Satan is a ‘fallen’ angel, so he is the spirit of evil, the spirit of damnation, the ugliness of sin. He is blackness, bleakness, demonic, unjust, and the keeper of hopelessness. The ugliness that even the word ‘satan’ or ‘satanic’ thrives in is beyond man’s thinking, understanding, ability to comprehend, and satan is the total opposite of All that God Is.

Many men speak loosely about impure pleasures and they laughingly indulge in what they feel is only human weakness, knowing that the promiscuity, the permissiveness, the impure indulgence of any kind is against God. Now if it is against God, then it belongs to the spirit of darkness where there is no light, no hope, no love.

We must ask ourselves, ‘When men have the intellect to see right from wrong, good from evil, hope from hopelessness, love from hate, why do they accept what is so horrible, when it takes so little effort to make the correct decision?’

At the end of this Retreat, we should all leave it, not just recognizing what God expects of us, but determined to make every effort to never bring disgrace to our Soul again, to reach out and never abandon truth, and be determined to never subject our Soul to displeasing God.”