“Christ - Christian - Charity”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 6, 1981


“Christ is a word we all know, and we all refer to Christ as The Son of God, The Second Person of The Blessed Trinity, and acknowledge that He came to the world as Man to establish Christianity. These facts are universal, and in so many ways, they are spoken of sometimes too casual, with indifference to them, taking them for granted. Sometimes there is so much emphasis put on the opinion of people where this Great Happening occurred, and why It occurred, that men tend to defeat the purpose and treat It totally humanistic.

Christianity stands for civilization, casting out barbarism, putting the emphasis on a civilized manner to each other. It is a manner of conduct between men, a matter of respect to each other, and of course, a consciousness of charity to each other.

Charity is the greatest part of Christianity we can follow, for charity has more in it than men tend to see. God is The Creator of charity, and He showed His greatest Act of Charity in creating man. His Charity was shown through His giving to man the Ten Commandments, and of course, His Charity was purely extended through Christianity, a giving of one’s self to the fullest for the good of other men.

Charity to many men is a limited avenue of association. Men have limited charity to a cliché​, ‘Charity begins at home,’ and it might be added here that sometimes it is even absent in this place because of selfishness, ego and/or a lack of Faith in God.

Christ, Christianity, Charity shout Faith, but what in reality is the Faith based upon? Today it is our obligation to God to begin to see what being a Christian is all about, what emphasis we should begin to put on it and in it in our own life. We should begin to see what type of Christian we are and how we reflect our Christianity to others, plus how our actions as a Christian come up to the standards God intended.”