“Dear Saints In Heaven”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 26, 1981


“If I were to write to All The Saints asking Them to help me become a Saint, I would probably start like this:

You walked the earth one day as I do today. You spoke to other people as I do in my day. You took care of all the necessities of life which I must do in my way. You acted in charitable ways. You found Faith in God a way of life. I am told you did many extra things. You were distinct in certain forms of life, and the Blessings that you expressed in example gained Grace for you, and you grew in such a manner that when you faced The Father, He declared you ‘a Saint’.

Dear Saints in Heaven,

I want to become a Saint. I know I fall short of many Blessings, but please guide my efforts, direct my will, and never let me fall short of good example.

I need Your help in so many ways. I am asking for it, in hopes that You will hear my plea, and guide my way so I will be with God and You for All Eternity.”