“God Speaks To Moses”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 27, 1981


“We must realize and remember that Moses heard God speak in the language Moses understood.

A Blessing of this Magnitude that was to leave a Mark in the world for all time, had to be more than mere sentences of command. Logic tells us that each Commandment was described to the minutest detail to Moses from God, so that the fullness of each Commandment would be understood. This made it possible for these Ten Commandments to be passed on to thousands of others at that time in many different dialects.

The deliverance of the Ten Commandments bore a tremendous amount of instilling into Moses, describing all that each Commandment held. God’s Words to Moses were strong and imprinted into Moses’ mind.

This is logical to see and to understand when one knows that to perform the tasks that Moses was commanded to do would take a strong understanding and knowledge of the Importance of What God wanted delivered to all men in the world.

It is reasonable to understand that only God’s Will and Intent could be in these Ten Commandments, as They would not have lasted or endured in such an orderly way through all the translations and interpretations that time and different men used, yet They appear undisturbed by man and time.

Also, all laws are based on the Ten Commandments, for They are the perfect Guidelines of Justice to God, to our country, and to each other.

Some of the Facts God delivered to Moses sounded like this:

My FIRST COMMANDMENT is for all men to know:

I Am The Creator of All Things.

I Am The Controller of All Things.

I Am The Wisdom, The Knowledge, The Balance of All Things.

I Am The Almighty Judge and Justice of All Things.

I Am, I Have Always Been, I Will Always Be.

I am to be Obeyed.

I am to be Honored.

I Am The One that all My children must one day see, for I have created them to the Image and Likeness of Me.


My Name bespeaks All Purity, All Wisdom, All Justice, All Perfection, All Greatness, and that I Am Almighty God.

No man must ever defile My Name, defame It, or curse It. Blasphemy against My Name is a grievous sin and will be judged harshly by Me.

My THIRD COMMANDMENT commands that:

Men must make a special time to honor Me, acknowledging Who I Am.

This time with Me is to support man’s Faith in Me and in why I created man.

These special times will give order and consistency in spending time with Me.


I Am God. Men can call Me ‘Father’ so they will feel close to Me and see the necessity of respect, honor and obedience to Me.

I want all children of all ages to respect and honor their earthly parents, and sound authority that is for the good of their whole being. This is important for all men to hold in an order of responsibility and authority.


I cannot be killed by man for I Am Eternal.

Men must use this as the criteria for their human behavior to all other men.

This applies to physical, mental, emotional, or Spiritual harm.

The will of each man must be allowed to express his or her freedom of decision.


I Am All Purity and I created man to My Image and Likeness.

In man I instilled sound moral values and sound moral standards, expecting man to appreciate the privilege of human life.

Man must respect his and her own body and the bodies of all other human beings, keeping the pure state of being as the way I want them to use the human body.

Abusiveness to the flesh is a great sadness to Me and must never be encouraged, for any impurity here reflects in the Soul and delays Its return to Me.


I want all My children to return to Me the Soul. No sin against My Commandment must be allowed to rob Me of My Souls.

Stealing must not occur amongst men, in the taking of physical objects or in any interference of moral ethics.

Taking possession of another’s will must be considered a violent act against Me, for I have given man a will to use for the protection of the Soul I have entrusted to man.

Stealing a man’s honor, dignity and respect due him is injustice and will be judged considerably by Me.

My EIGHTH COMMANDMENT instructs them:

No man must betray Me or My Name and say wrong things against Me. No man must use My Name, declaring obscene, impure blasphemy to gather attention for himself, or to compare Me with, or in, anything of the slightest impurity.

No man must speak falsely of another man for any benefit to himself or anyone else. A man’s name has great importance to Me. Each child of My Creation has a purpose to and for Me, and no gossip, or slander, must anyone falsely be accused with that will darken his or her stature or position in the eyes or mind of other men.

All children made to My Image and Likeness also bear the dignity of being a Special Creation of Mine, and justice must prevail in the respect and honor due each man from other men.

My NINTH COMMANDMENT directs them:

In My Creation of men and women, I have placed an honorary role of distinction, giving each man and woman a Soul, along with the privilege of working with Me in the act of procreation. Any abuse or coveting what has been joined together for My Purpose will be reprimanded highly by Me, and I will show wrath to those who have committed this crime offending Me.

No man, no woman, can justify possessing, in any way, the spouse of another person. Such activity or acceptance of this lack of respect to Me and to the victims of this action, will be judged accordingly.

My TENTH COMMANDMENT demands that:

No man has the right to take for his own what belongs to another man: personal goods, personal dignity, personal freedom of will. I will accept no excuse for coveting unjustifiably what belongs to another man.

After God delivered to Moses The Commandments and all portions of each Commandment, He directed Moses to go forth and lead the people, with These Commandments in mind at all times.

He told Moses that These Commandments were to be passed on to generation after generation so that all men would have the Benefit of Them, with the Direction He wanted them to have, for He wanted all Souls to benefit from His Personal Love, His Personal Direction, so that no man would be without His Guidance that would be necessary to help man become a Saint.

He warned Moses that men would try to diminish These Words and that men would try to pass Them off as being only for that time.

God’s Words, Directions, Knowledge and Wisdom is reiterated throughout these Ten Commandments.

All the Words that God spoke to Moses were never written, but it is safe to believe that Moses’ time on the mountain with God was greater in essence, and meaning, than man could possibly relate with the limited languages and vocabularies of all ages.

We are more than just fortunate, in so many ways, that God’s Love, Mercy, Charity, Kindness and Humility, were passed on to us. It is without doubt a Blessing only God could give us.”