“I'M Afraid Of Living And I'm Afraid Of Dying”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 30, 1981


“Why was I born? I can’t bear the thought of dying. If I had it my way, I would not have been born. If I have it my way, I will never die. Few people go through life not thinking at some time about these two very important times of life.

If sound Faith in God is established within a human being, then the question ‘I’m afraid of living; why was I born?’ will have an answer that is logical, complete, sound, and comforting.

Of course, man was born to become a Saint, to live with God for All Eternity, through living a physical life the way God intended life to be, always working with one’s intellect, talents, nature, personality and commitment to achieve the true purpose for the physical life, procreation and the responsibilities attached to it, plus passing sound morals, sound values, sound standards to others through sound moral living in every facet of human life.

If you look at life with such purpose, if you look at living with the hope for a Greater Life, then the concern of ‘Why was I born?; I’m afraid of dying,’ would never enter one’s thoughts for very long.

To be afraid to die could be lessened in many ways. First of all, a life of fulfillment gives soundness and automatically gives reason to the necessity for going on to even a more fulfilling way of life. The logic of dying is evident when one understands the limits of the physical and the true purpose for dying. If all men would look at life realistically, see the value of everything they have been given mentally, physically and spiritually, the evidence of balance in things will make dying right, reasonable, and logical.

The next time you are faced with any question regarding living or dying, remember what has just been said, and also, remember that your will is your Line of Decision and that it will be through your will that living is important to you, and that dying is just as important.”