“Lent Is A Good Time To Begin Good Habits”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 22, 1982


“In the physical life men strive for attention, success, and sometimes power. Many times it is a difficult road to be successful among men, for there are many obstacles, and of course, distractions made by other men.

What men forget is that everyone born to the world has the opportunity to be successful in a way far superior than man’s degree of success or attention. Physical success does not live forever, but Spiritual success is eternal.

Why then do not all men see the tremendous value to Spiritual success that is available to everyone? There is no competition in this structure of success. The obstacles can be conquered through one’s own will, one’s own strength in self-control, self-discipline. Every man and woman has the possibility and opportunity to be successful for All Eternity.

No matter what age you may be now, there have been many times that you have made the correct moral decision, showing a strength of courage where your Soul was at stake, a decision that was right against a decision that was wrong. This Lent would be a good time to make it a habit to concentrate on every moral decision you are presented or you incur along the way. Keep in mind that all your decisions should be based on the Ten Commandments and that these Ten Commandments should be the Guidelines for your code of life.

Next, be sure that you promise God and promise yourself that you will use this special time, Lent, to grow spiritually so that when these numbered days are celebrated in the triumph of Easter, you can feel no regrets and be assured that you have conquered many faults, corrected many bad habits, and have begun to practice more humility in your daily life; plus, you have become so acquainted with God’s Ten Commandments that you feel strongly that each day when you examine your offenses against these Ten Commandments, your offenses have become less and your desire to please God more.

Remember, time devoted to loving God more, serving Him more, growing in a deeper Faith His Way, is never wasted time, it is time that is beneficial to your mind, your body and your Soul. It’s a time that there can never be regrets about, or regrets in. It is always a time of success for the good of your Soul.”