“A Prayer To My Soul”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 12, 1982


“Dear Soul that God has given to me, to live with me, and to abide within me from the moment of my conception until the moment that God decides to take me.

There are so many times I forget about You in my selfish moods and/or in my human weaknesses, and I ask You now to help me remember the responsibility I have for You, to return You to God one day forever.

I cannot see You, I cannot feel You, but God’s Love for me helps me to know that You exist within me. I have no doubt, because many times when I feel I want to be close to God, I want to change my weaknesses into strengths, it seems innate in me to know I have a Soul that will help me.

I pray on this night that You will never despair because of my actions in human life, and I ask You tonight to never feel that Sainthood for You is hopeless, for I promise You tonight I will strive to correct my ways, my errors, and return You to God as He Wills it to be, a Saint Who will bear my name for All Eternity.”