Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 10, 1983


“The accepted mode of life today is irresponsibility. In all areas of life it appears. It penetrates home life, work, school, social and Spiritual areas. There is no phase of life that is not touched by irresponsibility.

There are many areas that good causes are taken up for and in, to better conditions, living, working and social, but not too many causes are pursued to create or to insist upon people accepting responsible responsibilities because it is the just manner of doing things.

What has triggered so much irresponsibility? A few people accepting it? The entertainment media? The theory that experience gives life fullness? The false enjoyment of immorality, using pretense as a guideline for living?

Certainly, more had to be the prerequisite for so many people failing to accept responsibility and falling into the trap of irresponsibility.

Was irresponsibility manufactured by obscene literature, failure of authority to instruct people on the Law of God’s Ten Commandments, or was it triggered and concentrated upon through demons let loose throughout the world? If so, what made God-fearing people so vulnerable to the immorality that should innately be repulsed by intelligent, moral human beings?

There is a saying that practice makes perfect. Practice also drives people deeper into the pits of Hell.

Irresponsibility comes in many shapes, forms, and is not just a threat to society, but is a plague that should be dreaded rather than accepted.

There are many Commandments that irresponsibility breaks because irresponsibility covers and desecrates every Commandment that God gave us.”