Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug



“I’m tempted by everything. It just seems as though at the slightest suggestion, whether verbal or visual, I feel vulnerable and most times fall into participation.

Physically, mentally or verbally I have made many justifications for my behavior, even though I inwardly know that impurity of any kind is contemptible to God.

Through the ages, through all time, we understand that men of all races, all colors, all creeds could be identified to the exact behavior of our time. Logic should tell us that even though History repeats itself where man’s behavior, habits and failings are totally against God’s Will based on God’s Ten Commandments, we must see the illogical parade of desecrations that take place in such a continuous order in all men’s existence.

They say one cannot change the world. They say that it would be impossible to change all mankind into a unification of putting God’s Ten Commandments above self-love, self-indulgence, joining one’s will totally with the Will of God. Why? We react to reasonable situations, we look to justice, we appreciate mercy and we react to being loved by someone or our love for someone.

These are all positive capabilities. Why cannot we put God uppermost in our minds and base our intentions, motives, responsibilities, actions and goals to pure thoughts, pure actions, pure ideals, pure motives, pure intentions, and pure goals? The reasoning that is the foundation for good behavior versus bad behavior is merely a decision of our own will to correct our faults and to strive for Sainthood.

God does not ask the impossible of man and He never allows man to be without His Direction, so man has no excuse to not avoid weakness in participating in temptation of any kind, if man will only trust in God, do God’s Will, and never forget to ask God for the strength to conquer any weakness that would be offensive to Him.”