Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 6, 1985


“Dear God,

I know I cannot mail this letter to You through ordinary means that I am used to, but I know that You will see and hear through the words I write, my thoughts are clear.

Often when I pray I wander, because I do not see Your Presence there. I sometimes worry that because I wander in my words, You might stop listening, waiting for me to concentrate more on what I’m saying to You.

Please God, I want You to know, that though my thoughts, my prayers seem to wander, my sincerity and love is truly there.

There is not a day that goes by, that I do not recognize in my heart, in my thoughts, and in my eyes, what I am surrounded with and the course my life is on has to depend upon You for the Purpose of my life to be ‘won’.

I write these words because they are what I feel. I know I could just say them to You and they would be revealed, but putting them on paper and signing my name to them, gives strength, gives hope, and expresses a personal love for You through them.

Please God, do take these words and multiply what is in them, for my heart is full of so many things I want to say and yet my hand cannot write the love I truly have for You in my little way.

‘I love You.’

My Name Is

OF MARCH 6, 1985”

“Dear Child,

I want you to know there is no span of time between your thoughts and The Divine. Every thought you project, every word that you say, every prayer you even think is immediately My Way.

I want you to know, as I Am All Things, the Portion of Me that is with you always, the Soul of your being, is My Connection to you, so all communication is spontaneous between We Two.

What I have spoken to you right now is to assure you of My Love. Your letter to Me is treasured by Me, because it is imprinted in the manner I used when I gave to mankind My Commands and My Rules. There is something so special about the printing in script, it gives everlasting reminders to never omit the value of content, the care that it takes, in expressing with special effort, so there will be no mistakes.

I Love you, My child, and I want you to know, I have taken your letter and imprinted it in gold. On the day when I Judge you for your actions in life, I assure you I will remind you of the valuable commitment in your act of love, that is shining Here in Heaven, waiting for your Soul to be joined with the physical part, that you once sent Me with the love of your heart.”