“Something To Think About”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 12, 1985


“Three thousand years from now, how many people living in that time will wonder about our generation of time, and what you as an individual experienced in your time of life? Also, what happened to you when you passed on from the physical life, which way did your Soul go?”

“Realizing and even understanding how such a gap or distance in time can be easily dismissed, forgotten, or of no real interest to most of mankind, how do we explain the belief, the reality, the Faith, the understanding, and the innate conscious belief in how God would have chosen Moses for such a powerful, supreme association and responsibility, in handing to him the real beginning of what we call ‘Christianity’? Only the Force of God, the Power of God, and certainly not just stories passed on through time, made the Indelible Mark of God’s Will for the Guidelines of mankind to follow.

Ask yourself, if you could hear as Moses heard God’s Voice when He revealed His Ten Commandments to Moses, giving Moses the full explanation of each Commandment, could you honestly say you would have the Faith in God as Moses did, to respond and to act as Moses did? Logic says that Moses was specifically chosen for such a monumental task, because God knew Moses would obey His Will and Words.

God’s Ten Commandments resound in all places, at all times. They can be heard, seen, and followed, because since Their very conception, They have been introduced, explained, held up as the Personal Decrees and Proclamations for all of mankind to have the Personal Directions from God Himself, rather than dependence on what human beings would conjure up and decide were the ‘rules’ most suitable to men, women and children, using personal opinions as to what human life was all about; of course, eliminating the Full True Purpose of the physical in connection to the ‘Goal of the Soul’ intended by God.

Do you hear God’s Ten Commandments through the Faith you have in God? You should, because They do speak to you in many forms, and in many ways, plus through the very essence of your sense of right and wrong, of good and evil, your moral actions, your conscience, your innate knowledge of What and How God would leave an Indelible Mark of His Decrees and Proclamations for all time, for all mankind, that nothing could, or has ever had the power to erase Them from the world. The true presence of God’s Ten Commandments shouts out loud to every human being that God’s Ten Commandments are the Supreme Guidelines for all mankind, no matter what race, what color, or what creed.

God’s Ten Commandments have been and always will be the basic foundation and structure of God’s Indelible Message to man, upon which He Will Judge The Soul of each individual human being. God’s Ten Commandments warn man and tell man the foundation upon which His Justice will be based upon.

The Power of God is the Driving Force In, Surrounding, and in the Total Content of His Ten Commandments. Even though all men are not taken to the mountain and handed firsthand, as Moses was, the verbal Direction and the verbal responsibility that Moses was the bearer of, every man has the innate knowledge that there are particular codes of ethics, logic, and evidence of a Supreme Being.

Sound is not always a necessary communication. There are innumerable ways of learning, speaking, practicing sound moral values, sound moral standards, justice in ideals, ideas. Evidence of an individual’s belief in a Supreme Being is evident by the manner, the dignity, the respect, the ethics, the charity, their open expression of sincerity in a manner of prayer, and of course, the example that is expressed in all actions, thoughts, words and deeds.

God’s Ten Commandments will never not exist, for though man may try to diminish Them, there is no man, woman or child alive who can erase Them, nor can satan.

We talk about the importance of knowledge, but a wise man, woman or child would never be without a constant reminder somewhere, either on their person or the Words of God’s Ten Commandments openly available, to remind them of ‘the most fulfilling perfect way to live each day’.

When God delivered His Ten Commandments to Moses, three thousand years ago, He did not say, ‘P.S. This is just for you, Moses, and for the time in which you live.’ If He had, our whole justice system would not be what it is, that is to say, what it is based upon.

Logic says, if all men, women and children were wise enough to keep before them God’s Ten Commandments, it could change the whole course of the world. Instead of man’s injustice to man, justice would prevail. Instead of immorality causing so much depression, anxiety, indifference and despair, men, women and children would feel hope, motivation, sincerity, and it would force more charity, more happiness, and more understanding of the privilege that human life really is, the Goal for which it was given to man, and the enjoyment God meant it to be, because in accepting responsibility to God through one’s own manner of life, the very feeling of fulfillment would give hope to daily living.

God’s Ten Commandments speak in many ways, and remember, each of These Commandments speak out loud through you, through everything you do, you say, you practice, in your daily living. God’s Ten Commandments live on through every man, woman and child, and always will.”