“The Yoke I Wear, Though Unseen, Is Revealed By Me In All Things I Do And I Am”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 1, 1987


“I wear a Yoke every moment of my life. This Yoke reveals to God, to everyone I know, everyone I meet, or even those who just see me, many things about me.

My Yoke bonds my mental, physical, and Spiritual way of living.

My Yoke is made up of all the things I am, and all that My Will expresses in my very existence. I must always remember that My Will is My Line of Decision.

The results of all my decisions will be accumulated, stored and accountable to God, wherein all my thoughts, all my words, all my deeds and all my actions, will be the source, the means, and the Final Testimony that will be Used By God To Judge My Soul.”