Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 11, 1989


“My Faith in God tells me there is a Purpose to my life and my Faith in God says I have hope. No matter what the obstacle is, I have hope.

My Faith in God helps me to understand my fellowman. It also helps me tolerate my fellowman.

My Faith in God right now gives me the strength to understand logic, ethics, responsibility.

My Faith in God says I’m here for a Great Purpose. My Faith in God says that there is a right and a wrong to life. My Faith in God says there is an honesty and a dishonesty I am surrounded with.

My Faith in God says that the time in which I live was chosen for me by God, because in this time I was better able to use all I am so that one day I could become a Saint.

My Faith in God tells me that hardships can be conquered. My Faith in God says that truth must be spoken, honesty must be a constant way of life. Also, my Faith in God says: Stop the negativism and give hope, by expression, by appearance, by your actions, by what you do, what you say, what you feel, by example.

As we join each other tonight as an Organization1, you are here because of your Faith. Sometimes we go to Mass only because of our Faith, not because we have a desire to go, or because it is the only thing in the world that we feel like doing at that moment. Most times it is our Soul that in Its own way reminds us of the Purpose of life and that God is waiting for each of us. When we go in, we are there alone with God. Even though there can be thousands of people present, He sees us all by ourself, that one little human being that He allowed to be created in the manner in which He designed Creation.

Each of us has a personality. Each of us has a nature. Each of us has a degree of Faith, some more than others; but sometimes someone has a very deep Faith within himself or herself, and the Faith is just between himself or herself and God. It’s a living Faith devoted to wanting to know more about Him, wanting to get closer to Him.

Sometimes we find a point of desperation because there are so many distractions and we think we can’t get close to God, there’s just too many things to do, but by doing what is right, what is good, what is our responsibility, is getting close to God. Doing our chores, being with other people, participating, encouraging others to have hope, waiting to hear what they have to say, that’s all in the Plan of God.

But you and I have a Great Blessing. We go to Church and our heart says that That is truly a Divine Gift from God, but this belief, this Grace, this association, this communication, this Oneness with God is because of our own individual Faith.

Now let’s say next Saturday or Sunday none of us go to Mass, really don’t feel like going to Mass; the priest has a very boring sermon. We sometimes base everything on the priest. We base everything on the time, we base everything on different things that are really meaningless. We should base it solely on one thing; not what the sermon is going to be, not what the homily is going to be, not who the priest is, but the very fact that we are going to be there because we have the Faith to believe that It is truly God in The Tabernacle, that It is truly God putting Himself in The Holy Eucharist, not the priest, but God puts Himself in The Holy Eucharist for you and I.”

1 Refers to The Society Of The Little Way, the organization formed for women to promote and use “The Little Way” of Saint Therese of Lisieux to attain Sainthood.