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June 8, 1946 - Marriage to Robert Klug

Frances Kinsch married Robert (Bob) Klug, just three months after meeting him at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio in the Chicago area. Frances was a ballroom dance instructor at the studio, and Bob was one of her students.


Following his honorable discharge from the Army Air Forces in February 1946, while visiting Chicago to prepare for continuing his college education at DePaul University, Bob Klug signed up for ballroom dance classes at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio.


When the instructor, Frances Kinsch, was introduced to her class of new students and walked by Bob Klug the first time, she was struck by the overwhelming feeling that he was the man she would marry. Frances tried to dismiss the thought and successfully maintained her professional demeanor while teaching the class, without even saying hello to him.


After one or two classes, Bob approached Frances and invited her to go out on a date. She immediately declined, saying, “It’s against company policy for a teacher to date a student.”


The response didn’t deter Bob, who continued with the dance classes and persisted to ask Frances out. He asked her seven times, and finally on the eighth attempt, she relented. Their first date was in April of 1946, and a month later Bob asked Frances for her hand in marriage. She accepted and said, “Yes, I’ll marry you, but under one condition: Don’t ever stop me from going to church.” Of course, he never did and in fact often accompanied her. Several years later, Robert Klug was baptized in the Roman Catholic faith at Saint Joseph’s Church in Fortuna, California.


The Kinsch and Klug families were delighted with the news of the engagement. The Kinsch family loved Bob, and his family loved Frances. When the wedding ceremony was held on June 8, 1946, Bob Klug’s parents served as the witnesses.


Following the wedding, the couple settled in Chicago as Bob completed his college education at DePaul University. Frances continued to work and was involved in many activities, all the while showing her love for God by attending Holy Mass and making frequent visits to church.