• Funeral procession

  • Requiem Mass for Mother Frances

November 15, 2009 - Passing of Mother Frances

Frances Marie Klug entered Eternal Life on November 15, 2009, at age 88. A Requiem Mass for Mother Frances was celebrated five days later on November 20 at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, California, where she was laid to rest.


Eulogy for Mother Frances

We here today, at this most holy of gatherings, and as a part of God’s creation, mankind, in common union, lift our hearts, minds and our deepest love, up to Our Heavenly Father in thanksgiving for the life of one Soul, whose life was destined for a Divine purpose and that was to help all of mankind return their Souls to God. We extend all of our sincerest condolences to the family of Frances Marie Klug, known throughout the world as Mother Frances, the title God had given her, because of the unique role she walked as Spiritual Mother to all the faithful. She was the wife to a man of great humility, Robert Klug, and mother to three children, Jeff, Jack and Roberta; and also mother to another son, Michael Haag, husband of Roberta Haag. As a wife, she stood alone, as a shining example of the true meaning of what the Sacrament of Matrimony was designed to be by The Holy Father. In all instances she never wavered in love, support, understanding, compassion and Spiritual example to the man she loved from the first moment she knew him. With Bob, this love he returned to her a thousandfold, for she was truly his paper doll, and his life was hers from the very beginning.


Together, they raised three wonderful children, all raised to know that The Father of all children was always God first, manifested through their childhood participation and reception and acceptance of the Sacraments of Baptism, Penance, The Holy Eucharist, Confirmation and Matrimony. The Sacrament of Holy Orders Mother received from God Himself. How fortunate are these children to have such a mother instill within them the very love and understanding of these gifts God gave, to help them on their journey of life towards Him. She taught her children to serve The Father by participating in life, not just on a conservative basis, but on a basis of truth, a basis of love and a basis of logic. She taught her children to stand in dignity, to be trustworthy and to see each moment as it comes, reject neglect in it and observe the greatness it could be. Her position of grandmother was also very important to her and to her children. For always her love, support and intercession on behalf of each grandchild was apparent and so often throughout the years we would hear her speak of each one of her grandchildren at one time or another in such a grandmotherly, loving way. Those of us who were privileged enough to witness much of this, were so influenced by her parental actions, that our ways and lives were altered in so many different ways. The legacy of love and affection and direction she leaves to her children and grandchildren as a mother and grandmother are so deeply embedded within each and every one of them that this gift from her to each of them will be carried through generations of descendants for many many years to come.


As the early years of Mother Frances’ family grew, it had become very apparent to her husband and children that God had chosen Mother to be the deliverer of God’s love and direction for all of mankind.


Never wavering in her love for both God and her family, she fulfilled her motherly role to the very end of her earthly existence, always openly loving and advising her children, no matter what her circumstances were, to express her love for them and her never-ending request to The Father for protection of her children she loved so much. In 1967, with the Formal Announcement of The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, and through His Power Of The Holy Spirit, we here, and all of mankind, became Spiritual children of Mother Frances. For through her, God has given to all men and for future men yet to be born, His direction, love, and a further degree of understanding of God’s love and close association He has individually and uniquely with each and every child He has created.


We here now, acknowledge the enormous privilege we have received because of the innate love of The Father contained within the very heart and Soul of one individual, who responded to The Father’s call. Yet, we cannot understand the depth of responsibility she carried for all Souls and the heavy burden and suffering she endured for The Father to help balance the scales of justice needed for this time and for the future of mankind.


Many years ago, in a little church in Placentia, California, Saint Joseph’s Parish, while kneeling before The Blessed Tabernacle, God The Father took from Mother Frances her heart, and placed it within this Tabernacle and within every Tabernacle throughout the world. Through this action, all of Christianity, started by The Son Of God and through this action of Saint Joseph and The Power Of Who He Is, The Holy Spirit, all of what Our Lord taught and established when He first walked the earth is and will be re-established. For He comes again, through His Earthly Father, The Miracle Of Saint Joseph and The Power Of His Heavenly Father, The Holy Spirit, One And The Same, to teach once again a further understanding for man, of the importance of his Soul, the purpose of it and all the direction needed for man to return his Soul to The Heavenly Father.


Some have said, “by their fruits, you shall know them.” What The Father had asked of Mother Frances, was to deliver His words and Teachings directly to mankind, along with delivering all of the degrees of Heavenly Wisdom allowed by The Father through the words of countless Saints, both named and unnamed. Each word delivered carried along with it a degree of responsibility and weight, both seen and unseen, and mostly unknown by those around her. Oh, dear God, what a heavy burden she carried at Your request. We thank Mother for saying Yes to You and we thank You, oh Heavenly Father, for all that You have given us through this beautiful flower of Your love.


For 42 years Mother carried His words throughout the world. Her tireless actions have carried His works to every corner of the world. As God The Father said some years ago, “At My command, My words will fly into the hands of countless children,” every word delivered and the Heavenly Wisdom attached to each, not only passed through her, but became a part of every fiber of her being.


For two thousand years, God has given us countless Saints and the Blessings and Teaching from Them which have helped develop the Christianity we know today. Almost 3500 years ago, God gave us through our beloved Moses the directions needed for man to follow in order to save his Soul. All of what we have received from the past is the inspired Word of God and the faith God has given us to believe in Them. And they still have endured the test of time to this day. Now, for the first time in all of creation, God had chosen and asked a humble, individual Soul, Mother Frances, to carry through her, not an inspired word, but His actual Words, so man can receive directly, God’s love for him and the hope and desire for salvation and a clear understanding of what His Words mean.


Her children who loved their mother will always love and remember that part of their lives she so cherished with them. Those of us who worked, some close and some at a distance, will also remember and love Mother so deeply for that close association God allowed us to partake in. And those thousands who were once touched by Mother over the last 42 years will also remember and love Mother for the spiritual love that each of their Souls recognized at that moment they were with her.


Mother’s love of The Father and His love for her, allowed her and gave her the strength to carry to the world of mankind the Wisdom of The Divinity Of Our Lady, the Understanding and Wisdom of Saint Joseph, The Holy Ghost, the Divine Teachings of the Soul being Part Of God, the in-depth true meanings of The Ten Commandments, not only taught to us by Moses but taught to us directly by God Himself. All the great doctors of the Church for all these years were in a close association with Mother Frances and delivered their wisdom directly through her. All the Great Saints named and unnamed had this same close association with Mother Frances and All had delivered lessons of Divine Wisdom, at all degrees of understandability, so each man created, from the simplest of intellects to the greatest of intellects, would know and understand that God is The Creator Of All Things and man should come to know, honor, love and revere Saint Joseph for Who He Is.


The Gifts God bestowed upon this holy and blessed child of His will be studied by theologians for years and centuries to come. Some have said she will be a doctor of the Church. For in order for this to be, the Teachings she delivered for The Father must affect the main body of all Christianity, and this certainly has taken and will take place. The many degrees of the power of discernment and her ability to discern the spirit of both man and Saints was always evident throughout her mission as a True Mystic. Always ready and willing to do The Will Of God, she constantly taught those close to her, individually, in small or large groups or even on bilocation as God would direct. The physical and spiritual cures through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph are countless in number and are due to her unending obedience to God and His Blessings upon man. We do not speak these words lightly, for the suffering this child of God endured, manifested itself in so many different ways, was so often apparent, even to the Holy Blessings of both the visible and invisible stigmatas.


As the world comes to understand and believe that God has delivered His Divine Teachings and Directions through one small voice, a True Mystic, Frances Marie Klug, and recognizes The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit Of The Father for Who He Is, also too, will they bend their knees in thanksgiving to The Father for this little one who through God’s Will established for all men the very cornerstone of The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, which will lead all mankind to God for thousands of years to come.


This place is a fitting place to rest, Mother, for we understand that you belong to the world of all men, all races, all colors, and all creeds. We know that not just one faith, but men of all faiths must know of your mission for them.


On May 7, 1921, with the birth of Mother Frances, the dawn of a new Spiritual age began. This day will be celebrated throughout the centuries, for God, The King of All Kings, chose this day so man may have a new beginning.