• Mother Frances in the 1970's

1978 - Title of Mother Frances

Under Heaven’s Direction, the title of Mother Frances was given to Frances Marie Klug, in keeping with her extraordinary role as both a True Mystic and Spiritual Mother. Prior to 1978, she was known to most people as Frances, Fran, or Mrs. Klug.


God chose Mother Frances, a seemingly ordinary woman, to give sound direction, hope and example to the world through The Miracle of Saint Joseph, while taking on the extraordinary responsibility of working as His True Mystic for the sake of Souls.


Similar to True Mystics of previous times – such as Moses, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint Pio – Frances Marie Klug dedicated her life to persevering with any request given by God, regardless of the opposition and adversities she faced in the world. Above all else, she accepted the responsibility of total submission to God’s Will.


Frances Klug was a wife, a mother and a grandmother who loved God and served Him each day according to His Will, which required her to be available as a Spiritual Mother. Her first concern for everyone was always the well-being of their Souls.


Never wanting attention for herself, Frances Klug always said she was unimportant and that only What God Said was Important. As a “Victim Soul,” she suffered greatly during her 88 years of life on this earth. She was a Servant of God who accepted agonizing trials so that all of humanity could be given Heaven’s Words through The Miracle of Saint Joseph.


She suffered so many times in silence, to protect those who came to The Miracle from the burden of knowing the true degree of penance and sacrifice that she endured. While Mother Frances preferred to keep her trials hidden, they were eventually revealed in the Words that were delivered from Heaven through The Miracle of Saint Joseph.