• The Acolytes with Mother Frances

January 14, 1979 - The Acolytes

The Acolytes organization for young boys was founded to instill in them a framework for reaching Sainthood and for setting an example to others through service to God. The formal installation for the Acolytes was held on January 14, 1979.



“It is the purpose of the Acolytes to serve and to accomplish for the good of all people,
so that life will have true direction, sound accomplishment, and a growth in Spiritual Faith
that will result in the Goal God intended for all human beings, ‘to become a Saint’.”



“My pledge as an Acolyte to The Society of Saint John Vianney
is to uphold the Ten Commandments and be good example to others
in service to God through all my actions, words and deeds.”


The Constitution and Pledge for the Acolytes were delivered in a Revelation
given by Heaven through Mother Frances on November 10, 1978.