October 1978 - Theresian Sodality

The Theresian Sodality for girls from ages 9 to 13 was founded in October 1978 under Heaven’s Direction through Mother Frances. Named in honor of Saint Therese of Lisieux, The Little Flower, the Sodality offered girls beautiful lessons on a wide range of topics. Meetings began in October 1978, and a formal installation was held on February 3, 1979.




“As a Theresian, it is my obligation and privilege
to learn the necessity of living in the world,
and through my actions and charity,
be good example to everyone I meet.


It is also necessary for me to rely upon the example
that Our Blessed Mother gave when She was upon the earth;
that is, obedience to God and love for all that is good,
sound and necessary for the salvation of my Soul.”


The Constitution for the Theresian Sodality was delivered in a Teaching
given by Heaven through Mother Frances on July 31, 1977.