• Frances Klug in the 1960's

July 28, 1967 - Formal Announcement of The Miracle of Saint Joseph

The Formal Announcement of The Miracle of Saint Joseph occurred during the early morning hours on July 28, 1967, in Frances and Robert Klug’s home in Brea, California. The Announcement occurred while Frances and Robert were visiting with his mother, Dee-Dee, and his cousin Rita Smith.


In the summer of 1967, Robert Klug’s widowed mother, Dee-Dee, was due to return home from a world cruise on July 27. Robert and Frances made plans to meet her in the Port of Los Angeles upon the ship’s return. Frances felt compelled to call Rita Smith, Robert Klug’s cousin in Indiana, to invite her to join them for Dee-Dee’s homecoming. Rita quickly agreed that she would schedule a flight to California.


When Dee-Dee returned home on July 27, the family greeted her with open arms and warm hearts following the very long voyage. After leaving the port, everyone gathered at the Klug family home on Firethorne Avenue in Brea. There was much talk of the tour as Dee-Dee shared stories and gifts from all corners of the world with the family. By mid-evening, the children were asleep in their rooms. The adults gathered in the family room, and their laughter and conversation continued into the early morning hours of July 28. The discussion then turned to more serious matters.


The Announcement

At about 1:15 in the morning, the Sound of Wind suddenly echoed throughout the family room, even though the room was absolutely void of any breeze. Outside the house, there was no wind. Everything was quite still, yet the Sound of the Wind was tremendous.


Saint Therese of Lisieux appeared to Rita and told her to tell Mother that she had been chosen to walk a special, important path. Mother Frances later explained the events this way:

“There was no wind in the air, but there was a tornado blowing in the room. It was the Wind of The Holy Ghost. The Wind was so loud, It was the one thing that remained and with the Wind of The Holy Ghost came The Miracle of Saint Joseph. It’s impossible to enlighten everyone to the Pure Sound in the Wind. It’s a Wind with a Power in It.”


A few hours later after everyone else was asleep, Frances returned to the family room and asked God The Father, “If this is truly Your Will, please allow me to hear the Wind as before.” And indeed, God allowed her the opportunity to hear the Wind once again.


The Formal Announcement of The Miracle of Saint Joseph on July 28, 1967, is so important and worthy of commemoration because It signifies the open acceptance by Mother Frances for the Mission she had been prepared for throughout her entire life.