• Frances Klug, 1968

1967 to 1969 - Preparations for The Miracle of Saint Joseph

After The Miracle was announced, Frances Klug endured a series of physical and Spiritual Preparations to enable her to hear Heaven’s Words and see Heaven’s Visions through the Ears and Eyes of her Soul. Explaining these preparations later, Mother Frances said:


“At the time, God being so aware of human weakness, He did not give the mission all at once – He couldn’t – No one could stand it. Mankind is too little compared to God’s Power. So in the Giving of The Miracle of Saint Joseph came the preparing. It was day by day, hour by hour. It was exhausting, and yes, it was painful. But in this pain I knew that only God’s Will had to be for It was the Aim of The Miracle.”


Frances Klug’s daughter, Roberta Haag, recalls the preparations this way:


“Witnessing all of this was my father and on occasion, my brothers and me. If we children were present during a difficult preparation, Heaven would ever so gently explain that it was okay and that our mother would be all right, but that the preparations were necessary in order to accomplish God’s Will. I remember praying often that the preparations would end soon.


In Revelations given during this time, Heaven assured my brothers and me that our Mother’s role in life was different than most, but that God sometimes chooses special individuals to ‘spell out the Supernatural Way for all men.’


Mother explained how difficult the preparations were and that sometimes Heaven would shake her physically. As Mother said, ‘They would instill in me things that had to be for The Words to come through.’ My father was the only man I know who could have tolerated watching his wife go through these arduous preparations. Often, he would humbly beg God to please stop.


You see, Mother was being prepared to hear Heaven’s Word’s with the Ears of her Soul, to see Heaven’s Visions through the Eyes of her Soul. Along with these preparations there would be a burning of her ears and eyes; not with a physical flame, but God’s Divine burning. This allowed Mother to receive the Words and Visions from Heaven in the most pure manner, through the Ears and Eyes of her Soul, so there’d be no room for interference.


When the Words from Heaven first began to come through Mother’s voice, they came one syllable at a time, as though the Words were being forced out of the very depths of her body. Many of the earliest Revelations were instructions intended for Mother alone – teaching and training her while also instilling in her the Supernatural Gifts of Obedience and the Power of Discernment, along with the Supernatural ability to receive the Holy Oils of Saint Joseph and to endure Supernatural Occurrences of bilocation. Mother was prepared most intensely on the discipline of Obedience to God The Father, First and Foremost, above all else. Saint Michael was often present during the Lessons on Obedience.


The preparations were difficult on Mother, and she once mentioned that she received encouragement from her Soul to withstand them. To endure these demanding preparations and others that would follow, God bestowed upon Mother Frances an extraordinary degree of Grace nearly impossible for me to describe, as some Divine Mysteries are beyond human comprehension.”