• Visitors gathered on Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope
    to hear Heaven speak through Mother Frances

  • When Father Sylvio Masante (third from left)
    was sent by the Vatican to investigate
    Mother Frances and The Miracle of Saint Joseph,
    he believed in their authenticity.

1967 to 2009 - Heaven Speaks to the World

For more than 42 years from 1967 to 2009, all of Heaven spoke to the world through The Miracle of Saint Joseph. Thousands of Revelations from God The Father, Our Heavenly Mother, Our Lord, Saint Joseph, the Angels and countless Saints were delivered continually through Frances Marie Klug, who came to be known as Mother Frances. In this Magnificent Miracle, Mother Frances delivered Heaven’s Words spontaneously, as They were being spoken.


Heaven’s Words, also called Revelations or Teachings, were delivered through Mother Frances in a natural way that was consistent with her quiet, unassuming and genteel manner. The Revelations and Teachings were meticulously transcribed and documented exactly as spoken, without alteration. To learn more, see What are Revelations?


Heaven often emphasized that The Miracle of Saint Joseph is for people of all races, all colors and all creeds. Through this Great Miracle, mankind has been taught that Sainthood is the Purpose of Life; that the Soul of every human being is a Portion of God; and that anyone can earn a place in Heaven by using the Ten Commandments as a blueprint for daily living. Through The Miracle, God also revealed to the world that Saint Joseph is The Holy Spirit and that Our Heavenly Mother is Divine. To learn more, see What is The Miracle of Saint Joseph?


Investigation by The Vatican

When word of The Miracle of Saint Joseph reached the Vatican, Father Sylvio Masante was dispatched to California to investigate Mother Frances and The Miracle of Saint Joseph. He was sent by Cardinal Luigi Raimondi, the Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints (also known as the Delegate of Cause). Father Masante had previously investigated Padre Pio.


Posing as a journalist for L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican City daily newspaper, Father Masante met with Mother Frances. With no prior knowledge of who he really was, she completely unnerved Father when she told him he was a spy for the Vatican. During the meeting, Mother Frances told Father Masante, “You know, Father, the man who sent you should see me, not you.” From that very first meeting, Father Masante knew that Mother Frances was a True Mystic. Eventually he introduced Mother Frances to Cardinal Raimondi, who also believed in her authenticity.


Later, Father Masante would be instrumental in working behind the scenes to arrange meetings between Mother Frances and the Church hierarchy. Father Masante also accompanied Mother Frances during two of her six trips to Rome. Father Masante warned Mother Frances of the danger she was in because of the heresies Heaven had revealed through The Miracle of Saint Joseph.