• Mother Frances

1967 to 2009 - Miraculous Spiritual Gifts

As a True Mystic, Mother Frances accepted the responsibility of Spiritual Gifts that allowed her to accommodate the Will of God at a moment’s notice for the sake of Souls. She accepted God’s Gift of Bilocation, whereby a True Mystic can be in two places at once under His Direction. Mother Frances also received the Holy Oils of Saint Joseph that would flow through her hands, and she suffered with the Invisible Stigmata. To learn more about True Mysticism, see Mother Frances, God’s True Mystic.


Similar to True Mystics such as Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Saint Padre Pio and others, God bestowed upon Mother Frances the Gift of Bilocation, which allowed her to be physically present in two places at once, often in opposite parts of the world. On many occasions under God’s Direction, Mother Frances was miraculously transported to distant locations to visit people who were ill, or whose Souls were in need of sound Spiritual Direction. When this Miraculous phenomenon occurred, Mother Frances sometimes described what was taking place to those present with her in one location, while she was also present in a faraway place – at the bedside or home of someone in need of a physical or Spiritual cure. After a physical cure, Mother Frances sometimes suffered the effects of the ailment herself for a period of time, and it often took her days to recover.


Saint Therese of Lisieux described how God used Bilocation to transport Mother Frances (“this child”) to distant places in a Revelation delivered in 1973 through The Miracle of Saint Joseph:

“It is true that when The Father takes this child, to faraway places — perhaps you are present — God very often says to you a descriptive way of what He is doing with the child, who travels over sea and land with Him. You, in your way, call it ‘Bilocation’. There are many, many facets to This Way.”


Holy Oils of Saint Joseph

In the same Revelation, Saint Therese of Lisieux described the Holy Oils that would flow through the hands of Mother Frances:

“It is true that when this child speaks of facets, she means many things. She means that when God Himself desires the Oil to pour forth from her hands, It must. And those of you who have received It must know that It was a Gift of Love from Him, to give you Grace to better understand the Way of Him.”


Saint Joseph also spoke about the Holy Oils in a Revelation delivered in 1971:

“I have handed you the Oil of Life. It is up to you to accept It or deny It. Through this Oil many men will survive and be more inclined to accept My Way. If it were up to the child, it would not be My Oil, just Fact that she would hand you, your way. There will be many Souls come to her once they hear of the Oil from her.”


Invisible Stigmata
In the same Revelation, Saint Joseph referred to the Invisible Stigmata endured by Mother Frances:
“The child carries, at times, the invisible Wounds in her hands that are Mine; not to be let out to mankind. I burn her now, as a hole driven by The Divine.”


Saint Francis of Assisi described the pain that Mother Frances endured as the result of the Invisible Stigmata in a Revelation delivered in 1980:

“As I was not just the victim of the Stigmata of My day, I want you to know that there are those who walk The Father’s Way who suffer invisibly What He gave Me in an open way. 


If I were to express to you now the pain that is being transferred through this instrument who is being forced to hold the instrument of sound (microphone), many of you could not bear the pain. It is not just the pain that is so terrible, but the pain affects the whole system of human life. The nausea is unbearable because of the pain.


I have allowed you this tonight for there is no Miracle like This in the world, and you must recognize the Greatness of It and you must use what you know to become a Saint.”