April 25, 1969 - Letter Sent to Pope Paul VI

God The Father established a line of communication through Mother Frances to Pope Paul VI by dictating the first in a series of letters to His Holiness on April 25, 1969.  God offered the letters as a Divine Courtesy, to make those in charge of His Church aware of The Miracle of Saint Joseph.


The intent of the letters was not to seek approval of The Miracle of Saint Joseph. God The Father did not need mankind to validate Him or how He would work in the world. By notifying The Holy See about The Miracle early on, Heaven gave Church leaders the opportunity to use their free will to accept or reject God’s Words and Divine Wisdom.


A Revelation from Saint Joseph was enclosed with the initial letter sent to Pope Paul VI. As shown below, the letter included a Divine Signature.


“My Son,

     Receive the enclosed document with an open mind.  Do not reprimand the child through whom I sent it.  It is not of her doing.  I, your Father, speak.  Let the Words I give to you be known by those of whom you are in charge.  The sacrifice this beloved child makes for Me is no longer a secret.  My beloved Son, JOSEPH, must become known throughout the world now. I do not expect a Secretary of the Official State to keep this notice from you.  It will fly into your hands at My Command.  The child is small but the child is Mine. I speak through her as she cringes with My Words to the Father of her church, Pope Paul.  She is completely obedient to My Will.  The Preparation has been finalized and she is a woman in the world, but not of it.  There will be a sign, My son, of truth in this notice that you will recognize as Me.  Offer no doubt, look into it well, and ask Me to enlighten you of it. So be it.


     The Signature is of the Heavens, the Signature Divine.  No more need be said for now.”