• Stories From Heaven cover designs over the years

1970 to present - Stories From Heaven Published

Under Heaven’s direction through Mother Frances, Stories From Heaven, a collection of 47 Volumes with more than 7,774 Revelations given through The Miracle of Saint Joseph, was published.


The Pope, the College of Cardinals and numerous Bishops received the full Stories From Heaven collection in past years. Several Volumes were sent to the US President and members of Congress, along with the Heads of State in nations throughout the world. Stories From Heaven Books were also donated to the Library of Congress, and to college and university libraries in several countries.


Today, the primary mission of Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope is to preserve, protect and perpetuate Stories From Heaven worldwide. Thousands of Volumes have been distributed to people on every continent. The Revelations and Teachings are timeless and will benefit Souls for all generations to come.


“You must not be so timid, so selective in handing out All I have given.

A Portion of Me, My Son, had to Sacrifice His human life,

to show mankind the Importance of Me.

Now I have handed the whole world Important Teachings, Instruction,

and I see Them being safeguarded.

My Son was not safeguarded by the men who walked daily with Him.

The Words from Here are to save Souls.

I Command It Be Done.”


Revelation from God The Father
Delivered Through Frances Marie Klug
August 7, 1995 at 9:30 AM


Early publications

In the early years of the Miracle, Revelation individual transcripts were typewritten and then mimeographed or photocopied for distribution. Later, they were converted to booklets titled Stories From Heaven. By 1989, a formal printing process was established, and the first hardbound books were printed. When reprinted later, some of the lengthier Volumes were separated into individual Books so they would be easier to handle. Also, the text in Stories From Heaven was enlarged so the Revelations and Teachings would be easier to read.


Many technological advances have occurred since The Miracle of Saint Joseph came to the world in 1967. The Revelations are available not only in printed book format, but also from English and Spanish websites, and on social media. Volunteers still follow a meticulous process to preserve the Revelations, which are now digitally archived in a secure, searchable format.


In the following Excerpt from a Revelation given in 1996, Saint Bernadette seems to refer to computer technology as the means to inform the world quickly and directly about the Words from Heaven given through The Miracle of Saint Joseph.


“Mankind talks about love, what it means to him or her, what strength it is, and in so many ways how it fulfills communication. The Father has now handed to mankind the ability to communicate morally, spiritually, All that has been delivered through This Gift of His Divine Love to the whole world of mankind in a matter of minutes.


In other times in History, Directions and Personal Love could only touch a minimal amount of others at a given time. The Father has opened the doors for millions to be able to read, and grow from All that He is allowing to be sent throughout the world, firsthand and quickly. So be it.”