• Mother Frances speaking to volunteers on the day
    of the Saint Joseph's Hill of Hope Dedication.

1972 - Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope Founded

Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope, a 440-acre parcel of land in Brea, California, was purchased on April 1, 1972. Volunteers built a beautiful Shrine in honor of Saint Joseph in time for the formal Dedication Ceremony that was held a month later on May 7, 1972.


Through The Miracle of Saint Joseph, God expressed His desire for people of all races, colors and creeds to benefit from the City of God, Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope. In fact, He literally invited mankind to give their time and talents by working with Him in a tangible manner to build the City of God. Designed by Heaven, the Hill of Hope was intended as a place of tremendous beauty, hope and peace for people throughout the world to visit, to gain the Spiritual strength to live according to God’s Will.


After Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope was founded, a Heavenly Momentum was created by God The Father and His Divine Energy surrounded Mother Frances. The Hill of Hope was open to the public three times a week, and hundreds of people came to hear the Revelations delivered through Mother Frances. Each time she stood before the gatherings of people, she spoke without note cards or prepared remarks of any kind. Typically, Mother Frances would explain The Miracle of Saint Joseph for the benefit of newcomers. She also described the plans for Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope and sometimes commented on current events if she was directed by Heaven to do so. Then Heaven would draw her into a deeper state of Ecstasy during which she delivered Formal Revelations. Sometimes there were a few Revelations, and on other occasions there were many.


Volunteers worked under Heaven’s Direction through Mother Frances to raise funds for the down payment and land payments, and countless activities were launched to promote awareness of The Miracle of Saint Joseph. Activities included fashion shows, parades, Saint Joseph’s Table and May Crowning events, charity balls, Christmas tree lots, firework stands, golf tournaments, yard sales, bake sales, and many other projects. The land was paid for within 10 years.


To this day, Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope is the center of daily operations supporting the preservation, publication, distribution and translation of the Revelations that were delivered to the world through The Miracle of Saint Joseph over the course of 42 years.