• The Diamond Doers group for young adults marched in many parades.

  • May Crowning held in 1976 at Pearson Park
    in Anaheim, California

  • First billboard for Saint Joseph's Hill of Hope

1970's - Activities

Countless activities were launched to promote awareness of The Miracle of Saint Joseph and raise funds for Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope land payments. The land was paid for within 10 years, thanks to the tireless efforts of volunteers under the direction of Mother Frances. Activities included fashion shows, parades, Saint Joseph’s Table and May Crowning events, charity balls, Christmas tree lots, fireworks sales, golf tournaments, yard sales, bake sales, and more. Three youth groups were formed to participate in these activities and charitable projects: Diamond Doers, ages 17 through young adult; Radiant Rubies, ages 12 to 16; and Earnest Emeralds, ages 8 to 11.

In a Revelation from Saint Teresa of Avila delivered in 1975, She spoke about the importance of the activities:


“Also, remember that all the happy events you have connected with This Project for God,
is also in His Plan, for when you dance, when you sing
and when you adorn yourself with happy things, Heaven smiles,
for if you did not get accustomed to beauty upon the earth,
how would you truly accept it when you got Here?


We smile when We say, ‘Happiness should reign upon the earth
and you must enjoy all things in your day, for truth, love
and beautiful things are not against God’s Will,’
for He says, ‘Enjoy them and love them, for you will be better used to them
and want to have more of them, so you will desire to come This Way.’


Freeway Billboards

Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope billboards were placed along Southern California freeways in 1973 in San Diego, Buena Park, Torrance, and the San Gabriel Valley. Several Hill of Hope board members worked with the billboard company to arrange the locations.

Saint Joseph spoke about the purpose of the billboards in a Revelation delivered on March 15, 1973:


“For children who travel, I want them to see a billboard of Me.
The word is not one of My time, but the reason behind it truly Divine.
I want children in other places to see before their eyes the sight of Me,
the representation of The Hill of Hope.”