• First visit to Rome

May 1973 - First Visit to Rome

Frances and Robert Klug traveled to Rome in 1973 with a group of board members and volunteers representing Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope. This trip was the first of six visits that Mother Frances made to Rome over the course of several years.


Letter to Pope Paul VI
On May 22, 1973, during her first visit to Rome, Mother Frances wrote Pope Paul VI a letter that included this message:

“Your Holiness,
I have come to Rome at the command of God The Father so that The Miracle of Saint Joseph will be heard in the dignity and magnitude it is. I beseech you to hear what I must say, for your love for God will truly see the truth I stand in and the advantages and magnitude of the mission He has designed for the whole world to grow closer to Him.

Enclosed are a group of letters dictated by God The Father, Our Lord and Saint Joseph to you, drawing your attention to this Miracle of Hope. Because of the lack of response, I have been sent in person according to His Will. I understand that protocol is necessary and, in many ways, a protection for our beloved Holy Mother Church, but I stand with God’s Will driving me on to do what He commands to be done.

The bishops in the diocese I am from choose to ignore or wait, for great signs perhaps, but God is dictating the whole theme and manner that I am but the mere instrument of.

I plead with you, as a child of God and as a child of Yours, to look into the matter and see God’s Hand from Above.”