• Statue of Saint Joseph

  • The statue of Saint Joseph was escorted from
    San Pedro to Brea in a 73-car procession.

  • A small plane flew over the motorcade that escorted the statue from San Pedro
    to Saint Joseph's Hill of Hope.

  • This close-up view shows the statue of Saint Joseph just before it was removed from the shipping crate.

April 23, 1975 - Saint Joseph Statue Arrives from Italy

A nine-foot statue of Saint Joseph carved in Carrara, Italy, was delivered to Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope on April 23, 1975. On that day, in a Revelation from Saint Joseph, He said the following:


“You are blessed, and those who have participated
in honoring Me have been blessed. I Myself blessed
this piece of marble. Another Son blessed it, too.
The Mother blessed it and The Creator blessed it.
No matter how you feel about it,
it must be cherished
until the end of time.”


Excerpt of a Revelation from Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit
Delivered Through Frances Marie Klug
April 23, 1975 at 5:55 PM


When the statue of Saint Joseph arrived in the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, a police escort was arranged for the truck that transported the statue to Brea on April 23, 1975. The 73-car motorcade carrying Hill of Hope volunteers extended for 2 miles behind the truck. When the statue arrived on Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope, volunteers gathered to watch as it was removed from the shipping crate. While the motorcade was in progress, an airplane towing a Welcome banner could be seen flying overhead. A formal Dedication Ceremony was held two weeks later at Saint Joseph’s Grotto on May 7, 1975.